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    Alex from NYC

    Howdy from Florida
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    Can't find a Android emulator for LMDE

    Have a look here - It is available through the Synaptic Package Manager
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    More SWAP on LUKS?

    Resizing an Existing Swap File: Since you already have a swap file but want to enlarge it, follow these steps: First, disable the existing swap with: Then resize the swap file (to 16 GB): Finally, update /etc/fstab to reflect the changes: Personally I do not use a swap...
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    format of authorized_keys on RHEL 8.9

    Just to let you know the EOL for 8.9 is 31May2024 Also are there any errors - try ssh -V To install public key into remote RHEL 8 server using: ssh-copy-id user@remote-RHEL8-server-ip
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    Linux mint 21 Virginia not installing or updating anything

    Looks to me that you have two keyrings you need to delete the one that is in /usr/share/keyrings/winehq.gpg Wine needs the one that is in /etc/apt/keyrings/ then reboot
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    Solved Logs monitoring software or methods

    gnome-system-log and ksystemlog both have a GUI - which you can get through the Synaptic Package Manager - loggedfs is only CLI
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    Solved Logs monitoring software or methods

    Have a look here - It is available in the Debian repositories There is gnome-system-log as well along with ksystemlog Also look here -
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    Bad sound and mic quality on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

    download the ISO and install it to a USB stick using Etcher - one completed insert the thumb drive - reboot - tap the F12 key repeatedly when it starts , this will bring up a one time boot menu, then select your thumb drive you will be running a live version On HP machines it may be the F9 key...
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    Learning to Walk Again in Ohio?

    Me I am 64 - I take these - a bit pricey but good - Youngevity Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex - Made with Natural & Whole Foods | 160,000 ORAC - ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - get them from Amazon - if you want to know more about ORAC -...
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    Bad sound and mic quality on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

    The only other thing I can think of is to revert back to pulseaudio - if you need a guide have a look here - scroll down in the article it also tells you how to undo it Also have you tried Debian 12...
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    Bad sound and mic quality on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

    Ubuntu 22.04 has PipeWire partially installed and enabled as it's used by browsers (WebRTC) for recording the screen under Wayland. This in my humble opinion has caused a lot of problems on some machines. You have a couple of options to try 1) is to remove pipewire completely and just use...
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    Installing Chrome on Linux

    I use Ungoogled Chromium as my backup Browser -
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    network name resolution loop?

    Generally I can only think of 3 things that can cause this - 1) a miss-configured resolv.conf file 2) a really crappy internet connection 3) bad or wrong permissions on the resolv.conf file itself This is mine below the first one is the generated one by NetworkManager the two below it I added -...
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    Making a distro

    If you are using an Ubuntu based distro you could try Cubic (Custom Ubuntu ISO Creator) - you can make a good respin with it You can also use Penguins-Eggs to remaster a respin -
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    No avalaible connections

    English please
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    Horrible visual issue on Debian

    Try the following to make sure all the AMD stuff is installed Reboot and see what happens
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    German State Government ditches Windows for Linux

    that was for the city of Munich, and that died in 2014
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    Router Admin Application - Zorin OS 17

    usually the software that is embedded in the router
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    German State Government ditches Windows for Linux

    Schleswig-Holstein, one of Germany’s 16 states, on Wednesday confirmed plans to move tens of thousands of systems from Microsoft Windows to Linux. The announcement follows previously established plans to migrate the state government off Microsoft Office in favor of open source LibreOffice Full...
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    Is this the correct place for a you tube problem question ?

    Have you tried to clear your internet cache files ?