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    Sometimes I'll copy from sites like this... or others but sometimes from the menu. Some examples... :eek:
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    What was your favorite version of Windows (if any)?

    I did start with XP...back then I didn't know any better. I went from XP to 7...never used vista because someone said it was garbage. The funny thing is...everything after 7 was pure garbage...the guy was right.
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    what is the difference between a computer task and an input output task?

    What’s the difference between love and marriage? Love is blind and marriage is an eye-opener.
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    What was your favorite version of Windows (if any)?

    windoze 7 I think but that was before I found it's Linux or nothing.
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    Ubuntu İnstallation problem

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    Linux mint 21 Virginia not installing or updating anything

    I've never had this could try here...
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    -Linux Funny-

    A windoze fact...
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    Australia - The Land Down Under

    Australia Post...was bad just got worse...
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    How Many Terabytes Has My SSD Written ?

    You get what you pay for, and let the buyer beware. Why is a Samsung SSD 500GB and has a 5 yr warranty yet a Kingston SSD only 480GB and 3 yr warranty. I'm sure the TBW is different around.
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    -Linux Funny-

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    Installing Chrome on Linux

    I have three Browsers...Firefox...Brave and Google Chrome. Most of my time is spent between Firefox and's always a good idea to have more than one.
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    Linux and OS books

    Most of the stuff you need to learn isn't in books...that's why we have this Forum.
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    Switching to Linux

    I'd forgotten about that product key rubbish...too busy enjoying Linux.
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    Switching to Linux

    I wonder where my Mint Cinnamon product key is. ?
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    Solved Can You Trim A Portable SSD ?

    People are free to do whatever they Trim or don't. Really...over the last week of research, I never saw that anywhere. Anyway I had a problem and now I don't, so I'm marking this as solved...I hope this helps someone.
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    Solved Can You Trim A Portable SSD ?

    I also have a 1TB SSD with movies too...just Trimmed it... As you can see 15.2GB trimmed. Do you have to Trim it...yes. What happens if you don't...start saving for another one. This might be of help... Run the command in post 3 to see if it's
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    Partitioned hard drive, installed Mint/Cinnamon from USB, and I want to dual boot without the USB

    I don't dual-boot...never have as you could have Grub problems because windoze doesn't like Linux. I have a win 7 VM and have never had problems...Mint Cinnamon runs well in Virtualbox and can adjust video memory to 256MB too. How well it runs all depends on your computer specs...good luck.
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    Unable to open the Linux Mint 21.3 "Virginia"

    As KG the Mint ISO and burn it to a Flash Drive with Etcher...then boot to the Flash Drive from the boot menu. You don't need to install it yet...have a look around first and get used to it.
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    Solved Can You Trim A Portable SSD ?

    I think I've found the's knowing which command to run. Sounds stupid but that's exactly the case here. On the net everyone has a different it's up to us to work it out and I think I have. Is my portable 1TB SSD supported...I run this command... lsblk yes it is. We...
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    What Linux distro should I use as a beginner?

    Many beginners ask this question and many Distros to choose from...remember Linux isn't windoze and doesn't run like it either. Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.3 and Linux Lite are two that are user friendly...stable and not hard to learn...enjoy the freedom.