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  1. Xzoma

    Sandboxing with Firejail

    Using Manjaro KDE, it can be found in Pamac/AUR. Great info, Thank you
  2. Xzoma

    Hello All

    Thanks WizardfromOz, Looking forward to kicking it with you all. Hit me up anytime. Always willing to learn. Semper FI
  3. Xzoma

    Figured I probably aught to do this

    Nice Intro. As far as Google goes, I am good with their Pixel and old Nexus equipment. I just took some time and practice to rooting their equipment and turning it into a great system. Sounds almost like Arch, doesn't it? Anyway, keep up the good posts and talk to you soon...
  4. Xzoma

    Hello All

    Hello from the American Jungle of Florida. Linux user for a few years now. I have run many OS, however, my favorite is Antergos and Arch. Looking forward to kickin it with you all. Stay Safe, Xzoma
  5. Xzoma

    When was your first touch of Linux?

    Thanks for the reply. Will hit link over tonight and hang out. Looking at ZarReason for another laptop Verix 8750 YES !!!
  6. Xzoma

    Antergos / CinnArch

    Have you thought of taking the time to go Pure Arch?
  7. Xzoma

    When was your first touch of Linux?

    The first time was about 2010. I booted Linux Mint on an Acer Laptop and loved it. Right after that I purchased a computer from Think Penguin and must have loaded over 20 different Linux OS that year. Loved every minute. Now using Antergos and starting to re boot old computers with Arch.