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  1. bec2

    Discord links no longer work after upgrading to Fedora 34 [SOLVED]

    UPDATE: This is apparently a problem with the tar file only. I installed from flatpak and it's all in working order. I'm going to hazard a guess that there was something odd going on with default dependencies, which I know the flatpak automatically sorts out. I'm going to leave the thread here...
  2. bec2

    Discord links no longer work after upgrading to Fedora 34 [SOLVED]

    Ever since I upgraded to 34, I have been unable to open any links I click on in the Discord desktop application. I'm installing it completely normally from the tar.gz on their website (the only available official method other than repackaging the deb). I'm using the default GNOME 40 and Wayland...
  3. bec2

    De-frag hard drive?

    No need to defrag, usually. We are a spoiled bunch, aren't we?
  4. bec2

    Microsoft Edge for Linux, will you use it?

    LOL no. I'm a dedicated Firefox/Brave user by now.
  5. bec2

    Lightest Linux Distro?

    Debian can go pretty small, considering Raspbian is designed with single-boards in mind...
  6. bec2

    I'm new.

    Ah, hello there, fellow Windows convert. ;)
  7. bec2

    Hello from S W Scotland

    For what it's worth, I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad for running Fedora at the moment and it all plays quite nice.
  8. bec2

    What are you using your single-boards for?

    I won mine as a prize at a hackathon, somehow. o_O At the moment I've been fiddling around doing baby's first robotics project with it. (It's me, I'm the baby.)
  9. bec2

    Partition Disks

    I agree with captain-sensible above. Live booting from removable media is probably going to be much easier for you. Also, have you tried installing any other operating systems on there? It might be worth making sure it's not a hardware issue.
  10. bec2

    Hello there.

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome. I look forward to getting stuck in. :)
  11. bec2

    Hello from UK

    Hey there! Fellow UK rookie here.
  12. bec2

    Hello there.

    Newbie from the UK with some average bash experience. At the moment I use Fedora as my 'main' OS on my laptop. I'm a Masters student with a keen interest in cyber security, so I'm also learning how to grapple with Kali. Came here to find out more and hopefully have fun learning alongside you...