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  1. MikeRocor

    Help needed with building a Linux PC

    When my kids were little, the answer to "Are we there yet?" or the more direct "When will we be there?" was always "Half an hour", whether the actual ETA was 5 minutes or two hours. The kids, even the youngest of the lot, apparently had caught on to this. While preparing to go out without any...
  2. MikeRocor

    Help needed with building a Linux PC

    sudo ln -s /dev/pacingthefloor patiently
  3. MikeRocor User-created Helpful Shell Scripts::Meta Discussion/Chat

    You have the right general idea... but all the stupid stuff you really hated if you ever tried to right a "non-trivial" batch script is done up right in shell scripting. I've even gone so far as to load the cygwin system on Windows boxes just so I could write a decent script. Of course I...
  4. MikeRocor

    U.S.A. FYi

    Thanks for posting this - It certainly is food for thought.
  5. MikeRocor

    Thinking in bash?

    this( !think (that==op.meant.what) :cool:
  6. MikeRocor

    Solved libre office

    libreoffice --help Indicates that the "--writer" option creates a new document. It doesn't mention that it opens it but I guess that goes without saying. :) lowriter --help Indicates that the "--nodefault" option "Starts without displaying anything except the splash screen (do not display...
  7. MikeRocor

    daily linux problems

    I had the interesting experience of opening up a laptop and finding the cooling system blocked by what appeared to be a fairly clean piece of felt that seemed to belong there - it fit the space perfectly (since it apparently formed there). The main clue that it wasn't actually part of the...
  8. MikeRocor

    daily linux problems

    While I'm not actively looking for a local LUG, it might be nice to have contact with a few more geeks... Alas googling linux user group pennsylvania turns up little of value for the Pittsburgh area - a couple of hits where the most recent activity was several years ago (longer ago that Covid...
  9. MikeRocor

    Thinking in bash?

    I think a lot of people don't approach "shell scripting" as "programming" but more as "a quick and dirty hack" - and there -is- a place for an ad hoc "one off" script that just gets the job done. But I find that way too often a script that starts out that way eventually morphs into something...
  10. MikeRocor

    Ridiculous firefox survey!

    Touched a nerve there. I just happened to be in the middle of trying to determine if firefox 118.0.1/32 was responsible for trashing some read-only files that are important to running my X environment. Turns out it's probably not - looks like just a bad USB stick.
  11. MikeRocor

    Ridiculous firefox survey!

    Not at all, but I don't use Chrome enough to even bother ranting about it. :)
  12. MikeRocor

    Ridiculous firefox survey!

    "Are the developers of firefox really that dense..." Why, yes, apparently they are! But then... Market share only tells them that so many users like their product better than the alternatives. That's not saying much. These developers apparently live in a little world populated by some mix...
  13. MikeRocor

    Today's post is about 'quitting Windows'...

    Ahhh, the "Nike" response." ;) My sig notwithstanding, I'll have to agree. (Says I as I type on a Windows 10 box!)
  14. MikeRocor

    head and tail trick

    I learned something useful here - had no idea head and tail could be used other than for the first/last few lines of the input. Using tail instead of cut is especially cool because (as far as I know) you need to know the string length to get the last n characters with cut. I feel like I now...
  15. MikeRocor

    A question about languages.

    I (pretend to) know just enough Greek to suppose that "Antipodeans" are those who are adamantly against all forms of feet and "Americans" is, no doubt, a word meaning "not mericans". ;) (just kidding) I took French all through high school but never really became "conversational", let...
  16. MikeRocor

    Google rolls out Privacy Sandbox to use Chrome browsing history for ads

    Thanks for the heads-up on this. I don't normally use chrome or chrome-based browsers but, on the off chance that I might, this is good to know. The article describes how to disable all three of "Ad topics", "Site-suggested ads" and "Ad measurement" to disable Privacy Sandbox entirely but it...
  17. MikeRocor

    Another Linux noob onboard

    I just finished going through a big box of old HDs to recover any salvageable data (looking for some old photos of my now-grown kids). The ones I have done were all old ATA drives (40-pin ribbon). Some of them were over twenty years old, all of them were over 15 and only a couple wouldn't...
  18. MikeRocor

    "Operation System not found" message on Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop

    When I use the nuclear option, I'm usually too impatient to dd the entire device so I just whack the first gigabyte or two, adding bs=1024 count=<some large-ish nuber> to the dd command line.
  19. MikeRocor

    How to install Linux on my old laptop

    Picture: Thanks. Still the BDE, even if she -has- been misbehaving lately. Email & youtube: I suspect even youtube will be a challenge on that computer. Couldn't hurt to try it. The PAE thing, Antix and Bodhi: I honestly have no idea. XP: IMO, MS Windows versions always used to required a...
  20. MikeRocor

    How to install Linux on my old laptop

    Tiny Core would happily run in 512 MB of RAM but the question becomes, "What do you want to do with it?" Doomscrolling facebook using firefox would probably eat up that amount of RAM pretty quickly. The problem with swap is that it's slow (compared to RAM). Also, if you're using swap a lot...