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  1. APTI

    Basic Security

    I have not had a security breach on linux ever. Windoze used to have breaches weekly. The closest I have had to a linux breach was recently I had people trying to hack into a mysql database. apparently they hijack them and hold them ransom for bitcoin. The standard mysql_secure_install made it...
  2. APTI

    Genetic testing firm 23andMe admits hackers accessed DNA data of 7m users

    I would love to see the information on mine but I refuse to give any government my DNA.
  3. APTI

    Best way to play windows games on Linux?

    I would agree that windows games are best on windows. unless you want to spend your recovery time trying to make things work right. Even in a Virtual machine you will not get directx to work nor most 3d graphics. In fact the graphics ability on a VM is very limited unless somebody knows...
  4. APTI

    Personal Websites - Share / Improve / Rate

    glad you laughed, now I am badly hurt, your words have hurt me more than anything else and I am looking for my safe place... Just kidding it was meant to be comical and catch attention.
  5. APTI

    Unable to connect bluetooth earphones

    when you try to connect to them, I assume you are using the graphical interface. That has a on off switch on the window. When you switch it on does the switch turn blue and stay that way? or does it try and then drop the connection?
  6. APTI

    Personal Websites - Share / Improve / Rate

    I do not keep a personal website. I can't imagine a need for it. I keep a business site which is and I used .net to make it.
  7. APTI

    Debian to Debian 3TB of data transfer over LAN

    Listen to f33dm3bits his answers are exactly what I would give you. Transferring that amount of data over lan will also slam that lan for quite a while. It would be worth it to pull the drives and plug them in so you can do a direct transfer. We are talking at least 100x faster and no issues...
  8. APTI

    Server restart and change disk mount name

    is the mount being done from something you wrote or is the mount done from fstab?
  9. APTI

    df -h command result to late

    I am still not seeing enough information to help you. You finally let me know the delay and yes 30 seconds is pretty bad but if you can show us the actual outpus of the df -h command it would be helpful. It can tell what may be taking time. You may have a communication issue as df -h will give...
  10. APTI

    df -h command result to late

    hmmm, I think I already asked in another post you made but again you have to tell us what you are using and what constitutes "too late"
  11. APTI

    Server restart and change disk mount name

    might be helpful to know what distro and version this is along with what the hardware mostly the drives are. are they ssd, hdd, M2 and how are they being mounted? is this fstab? have you made any changes or updates? When you do not let us know what you are using it is like asking a mechanic...
  12. APTI

    I have a weird one for you - wireless connectivity issues...

    Mine is fedora with same issue so I think it may be kernel related. I can't get more than 3 days out of it. Only one doing it.
  13. APTI

    I have a weird one for you - wireless connectivity issues...

    I have a system that is on wireless to a cisco router. it consistently drops connection even though other systems on that same wireless are fine and stay working. The issue is not internet but the entire wireless network connection for that system. I have tried rebuilding from scratch, I have...
  14. APTI

    Remember LindowsOS?

    I had lindows I installed to check out. The premise was cool especially with the software installed. I recall if you had to re-install it would also reinstall your software. In hind sight it was not that good but back then I didn't know better I was new to Knoppix
  15. APTI

    Data Destruction: Recover Neodymium Supermagnets by Disassembling Old Disk Drives

    I do the same thing except I save the platters for those doing art work. The nice mirrors are something many look for. The magnets I have a wall full of them and when aircraft fly overhead they lose all compass direction for a few seconds. (just kidding about the compass). I give the magnets...
  16. APTI

    Best Linux OS Similar to Windows

    Agreed the purpose is to NOT be windows. The learning curve is less than a couple hours. I give people a 200 page printed manual when I give them linux or convert them. If we wanted it to look and act like windoze we would just either install windoze or beat the computer up with a sledge hammer...
  17. APTI

    Windows going full cloud? Thank you Linux!

    sounds like an advertisement for micro$oft and needs deleted
  18. APTI

    [Problem] Can't boot linux anymore

    you are using a desktop so my advice is to just redo everything correctly from the start. I wrote a post about multi boot for desktops. This method will stop windows and any other system from interfering with the others.
  19. APTI

    how can I avoid OOM and CPU running at maximum utilization

    Simply put it allows you to execute commands on any computer running lcars on it from another running it. It uses a mysql database to distribute commands. However if your system totally locks up then nothing at all will help. If you have more questions just ask.
  20. APTI

    how can I avoid OOM and CPU running at maximum utilization

    the problem is that anything that monitors processes is itself a process and if the CPU is thrashing or bogged down so is the monitor process. I wrote something called LCARS and it is now on all my systems. I can use it to kill a bad process from another computer. Without having to ssh or tty or...