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    Pvcreate /dev/SD? Or by uuid

    Yep, says /dev/xxx. Seems -u is maybe only used in recovery or other restoration operations. Thank you.
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    Pvcreate /dev/SD? Or by uuid

    Recommended way to pvcreate please and if you can give me the URL to the documentation? pvcreate /dev/sd? Or pvcreate -u once blockid or other commands give the uuid? Thank you.
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    Oracle Linux lvm and device id

    I own it. I am experimenting and this happened yesterday before I got as far as pvcreate and I was just wondering if everything would be ok with LVM and fstab etc if the /dev/sd? changed. I have read the LVM puts its own UUIDs on the disk/partitions and searches for these after a reboot to...
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    Oracle Linux lvm and device id

    Hi, In hyper v today, I created a 4TB vdisk as 2nd disk / powered up OL7.9VM, saw it as /dev/sdb in lsblk / powered down vm / deleted the 4TB vdisk and saved settings. I then recreated it in hyperv settings as the 2nd disk again. Powered up VM Now this 4TB disk is /dev/sda and the OS disk is...
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    yum check-updates | grep java doesn't show full line

    Hi, Someone please help me figure out why grep is not showing 3 out of the four full lines that have the word headless in them, that is definitely in the yum check-updates output. Is it to do with the length of the string that the word headless is included in? Here is the output copied and...
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    strace a Sleep to find out what count it is at.

    Hi, If I have a command, say sleep 1800, and I want to strace it to see what count it is at out of that 1800, how would I do it? Thanks very much.
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    Why does grep not return the from line?

    I have this but grep is not returning the from line. It is something to do with the relay= part of the line. If I modify it to say, it outputs the line just fine. There are other ways to get this info, but I would like an explanation for this specific...
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    Help ssh sudo - CentOS6

    Does it matter what the command or redirection of stdin is for the command? Its the fact that sudo thinks the first redirection for the command is the redirection for the sudo password. You could do this if /bin/cat was in sudoers for the user: ssh -t myname@server2 "sudo -S /bin/cat...
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    Help ssh sudo - CentOS6

    Hi, Please help, sudo thinks the password file is v-users. ssh -t -l myname server2 "cd /etc/mail; sudo -S /usr/sbin/hashmap v-users < v-users < ~/mypw.txt" Ssh keys already set up for mynane. Cat'ing the pw.txt and then pipe the sudo doesn't work either I have tried all sorts of quoting but I...