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    grml error load kernel first

    I have grml installed. I stuck a "Andys ham radio linux" iso in the grml folder. When I reboot and try to open the "andy" in the grub menu I get a error "you need to load the kernel first". How do I fix this?
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    Today's article has you looking at all the stuff you've installed...

    So in Ubuntu this is a moot question...we just have packages. Correct?
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    Today's article has you looking at all the stuff you've installed...

    A list of packages and a list of applications? They both look pretty similar. What is the difference?
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    Can I display terminal readout from days past?

    I figured out how to add the time and date to the file 'echo -n "enter url: " && read url && echo -e "$(date)" "${url}\n" >> ~/vidl-history && cd Downloads; yt-dlp --ffmpeg-location /usr/bin $url' simply add in "$(date)" but I can not figure out what variable to use for the title of the video.
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    Can I display terminal readout from days past?

    This sounds like a great idea. I'm going to try it and I'll let you know.
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    Is fractal technology more than just data gathering and analysis

    Tuxbot. Any computer can gather software and analyze it. How does fractal technology do it better? Is it just faster or what. This article talks about fractal.
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    Explain fractal technology to me

    This is the website of the Fractal Technology Software Team.
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    Explain fractal technology to me

    Heres the article that has me interested in learning more.
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    Explain fractal technology to me

    I know fractal has something to do with higher mathematics. No I am reading that fractal technology can be used for examination of databases. I can get nothing by reading about it except that it seems to be just a faster method (thousands of times faster) of acquiring data and sorting it. Can...
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    Can I display terminal readout from days past?

    In other words, I downloaded a video using a command line command (yt-dlp for example). I actually have an alias (vidl) which runs the yt-dlp command and then asks for a url to be downloaded. Heres the alias... alias vidl='echo -n "enter url: " && read url && cd Downloads; yt-dlp...
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    Explain backup snapshot storage and deletion

    I have two snapshots (back-in-time). The first one is a full backup and the second is a partial consisting of new data since the first snapshot. 1) Now, if I do a full restore I assume I must use the first (full) snapshot and then use the second (partial). Is that correct so far? 2) But if I...
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    Need viewer for GPX file

    Does linux have a viewer to view GPX files?
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    daily linux problems

    Do you have adequate memory? Hard drive space? Is it froze or just taking forever to accomplish tasks?
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    Can I use console without keyboard?

    Is there a way to control the console using only the mouse? In other words, can I replace the keyboard up and down arrows (history) and the "enter" key with some mouse function? Sat my keyboard batteries die...can I use just the mouse?
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    New ssd won't boot after clone

    I was using gparted. The resizing problem was because my partitions are enclosed in an extended partition. The extended partition must be resized before you can resize the partitions inside of it. I did not see that the extended partition was there because the dotted lines around it are of a...
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    New ssd won't boot after clone

    The issue was my stupidity. I forgot to click the "clone" tab instead of the "backup" tab. Now, however, I am unable to resize my small home partition on my new large drive. What is the proceedure for accomplishing this? I have a ubuntu root partition on the left, then I have my home partition...
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    New ssd won't boot after clone

    Ubuntu 20.04. Just Foxcloned my old 240gb Sandisk ssd with Ubuntu 20.04 over to a new Crucial 1tb ssd. Now when I boot the new ssd, immediately following the Dell splash screen, I get the message to "insert or select proper boot device". I formatted the new disk as ext4. Whats going on?
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    Do you still call yourself "intelligent" after reading this article?

    AI is not intelligent at all. It is merely just able to repeat info that it was told pertaining to its field of interest.
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    Cleaning screen with anti-glare coating

    Not to be a smarty pants but what is in the anti-glare product that causes flies congregate and to poop all over it. I have never heard of fly poop on a screen and I sure have never seen it. Only things ever on my screen is good old dust.
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    yt-dlp giving error not seen before

    Thanks. I'll see what I can do.