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  1. joãocabral

    How did you climb up the ladder?

    I'm 19 and currently working at a call center, I'm doing I.T and studying code and learning how to program, but, I still think there´s a long way for me to go to find a job in the area that I want, and that frustrates me because I hate my job. I know that there´s a lot of older people on this...
  2. joãocabral

    How do you study when you are trying to learn a new language?

    So, decided to make this thread after reading another one that was related to this. Just for some clarification, I'm fluent in English (mother language is Portuguese) but I learned not by studying, reading, etc. I learned just like I learned Portuguese, by playing games, listening songs, just...
  3. joãocabral

    A question about languages.

    I have a question, don't know if i should open a new thread to ask this, but since the subject is related, I'm gonna use this one. I'm from Brazil, my native language is Portuguese, and I'm also native in English, but the way i learned English wasn't by studying, reading, etc. I just learned the...