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    I'm getting the strong feeling that...

    ...every script I write/rewrite since installing a newer Kubuntu is written wrong from the start. The one I'm having trouble with now is supposed to delete text files ending in .log failing to do this one simple thing. My script: #!/bin/bash echo "This script will remove .log files from the...
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    Catching empty variable in touch alias

    How about redirecting the error to the "virtual ignore zone," ie 2 >/dev/null. Or has that been deprecated in the progression from BASH 4.0.0 to whatever it is now on the Debian repos? Carver
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    Catching empty variable in touch alias

    I have a bash alias called ttouch. It's a shortcut to touch -t, which takes a variable (tdate) and a file on which to apply it, represented (most often but not always) by a variable such as $picc. I'm trying to write a function so when the user (always me) forgets to supply the target, touch...
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    Refugee (not by choice) from and

    Refugee (not by choice) from and
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    Not sure whether This belongs here but...

    .. I have a Bash script meant to look for backup files (suffixed with .bak or ~). I also have an if..then routine (?) to write the names of the files found with those suffixes to a text file. The text of the script is as follows: #!/bin/bash files1=$(find . -type f -name "*bak*") if [ -e...