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    Does anyone here do linux gaming w/out steam?

    Unfortunately, I do the VAST majority of my gaming on my phone, buuuut... Back in 2016, I was running Duke Nukem 3D on my Ubuntu 16.04 'pooter, outside of Steam, using Wine. Hope this helps!!
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    Would appriciate some assistance uninstalling Windows 10 and Installing Linux on my HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14m-dh0xxx

    Wow. I'm not sure exactly what the issue is, but I have an Acer V5-571P with a touch screen that actually DOES work with Ubuntu and Kodachi. Though it's not my daily driver (because of a current battery issue), it works flawlessly. It's a 2013 model, I think, so I don't know if the issue is...
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    Thank you Linux

    Well, actually, there's a Linux flavor for everyone. Part of the reason so many derivatives exist is because of the purposes of the OS, and another is because of the open-source nature of Linux. I use Kodachi for the almost-total internet anonymity. The open-source code is just that -- OPEN --...
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    Kodachi linux

    OOPS!!! Forgot to mention that YUMI ( only works in Winblows. You'll need to download your Linux OSes into a drive that is accessible by Winblows and use YUMI to install them onto your USB drive. That's the only drawback with YUMI that I have found so far.
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    Dell Latitude e4200 Kodachi, Secure OS 1.6GHz, 5GB RAM, 128GB SSD

    Dell Latitude e4200 Kodachi, Secure OS 1.6GHz, 5GB RAM, 128GB SSD
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    Kodachi linux

    Have you had any luck yet? As a do-it-yourselfer, I'm mostly self-taught, so I'll use a bit more tact than at least one of the responders on here. I, too, use an older computer, a Dell Latitude e4200 (about 14 years old), and I have successfully installed Kodachi onto my USB drive as well as...