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    kali Linux

    All of the replies were very helpful . Thank you very much.
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    kali Linux

    I downloaded kali linux and i am burning them in a dvd+R right now . I want to understand if they have low requirments for a pc . Because my ppc it is very old (intel celeron , 2GB ram ,no gpu and 128 GB HDD).
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    games on linux

    I want to play some games on linux but i want some good . I am all ears !!
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    civilazation 6

    how can i play civ 6 in linux ??
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    How to mask IP and use torrents in Linux MX

    Hello everyone. I'm new to linux. I have installed MX 16.1 on an old desktop and I am trying to figure out how to do things. I would like to be able to mask my IP and download torrents. Just before, I was searching to install some torrent client, which seemed like something very hard to do...