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    It no longer makes sense for windows to be the default gaming OS

    This title grabbed my attention because as a game developer I wish for Linux to be the default operating system for games. Sick of all the BS and trouble that comes with Microsoft being number 1 for gaming. Apple isn't ideal either, it would be best if we got away from all the proprietary stuff...
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    Best Open Source Licenses for Video Games

    What open-source licenses are best suited for video games? I thought of GNU GPL V3 but for some reason it doesn't seem like good fit. I have heard that some are not a big fan of it such as Linux Torvalds. For the game project I have in mind, it's a non-profit project, so money is not important...
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    RAW image conversion software

    Is there any alternatives I can use to DarkTable and RawTherapee. For some reason the exported png images are much larger than the raw NEF images. Even on Darktables compression level 9 they seem to bloated in size. For some reason the Raw NEF file for one is 24 but the export of a png 8 bit...
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    Public Domain photography and Images

    I was hoping for someone who has experience with a site before I decide to pick one invest my time in one only to find out they simply suck. For example this is from Pexel "identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that is offensive. This includes, for example, portraying...
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    Pine64 Quartz64 A/B vs Raspberry Pi 4 B

    I like the Raspberry Pi 4 but how does the Quartz64 hold up in being used as a computer? Second, does it work well with Lakka OS for retro video game emulation?
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    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    I haven't used Raspberry Pi OS in a while but I have used it as my daily driver on my Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB) for a few months around the 2019. It's been a while so I'm wondering if Raspberry Pi OS is the best choice still. Back then I did have some issues with video streaming on a 1080P HD TV.
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    Public Domain photography and Images

    Does anyone know of a good website where the main thing is "No Copyright" or "Public Domain" license for those who want to share? IS there another one for game assets or vector art images as well? I have some 4K photographs in RAW format I would like to contribute.
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    Does zeroing out a hard drive guarantee total file elimination?

    I think you're better off taking a screw driver and removing the disk platters and destroying those instead of leaving such a huge mess. Maybe the other parts can go to some kind of e waste facility. Since we are still dealing with a microchip shortage, I would hope for something more...
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    Creating Free and Open source art,music and video games. Where Do I start

    I know this question could have been asked in musicians or video game forum but those people likely don't understand or appreciate FOSS, they might even deter me from doing so on creating free and open source content. Who better than to appreciate FOSS than the Linux community. I want to be...