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  1. Antonio_S

    Manjaro and Telegram

    Thank you. I had some problems at first, but now it is okay. Now when Manjaro runs, Telegram runs too.;)
  2. Antonio_S

    Manjaro and Telegram

    Cool, when I run this command Telegram opened. But how can I create an icon
  3. Antonio_S

    Manjaro and Telegram

    Yeah, right. I installed that way, but when I click on the Telegram icon it doesn't run anyway. Also I tried to download Telegram from official website, but I can't run this file
  4. Antonio_S

    Manjaro and Telegram

    I was trying to install Telegram on Manjaro, but anyway it doesn't work at all. I used this instruction, and I downloaded file from official website (but this installer does not fit this OS). I have an icon of Telegram on the panel, but when i run it (nothing happend). Info: Manjaro XFCE 4.13
  5. Antonio_S

    Help linux 18.04 very slow

    The same problem I had too. And I just leave it. Now I use Manjaro, because this distribution is less demanding.
  6. Antonio_S

    Everything is fine!!!

    Everything is fine!!!