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  1. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Linux Cybersecurity

    So being a self-taught Cybersecurity student I've been dwelling on many sites for reliable information, Has my search amounted to anything? Not much. But I often come across Linux when seeking help in Cybersecurity. When I come to the forums I often see numerous articles on programming and...
  2. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Government to overhaul privacy laws, including opting out of advertising, a right to be forgotten, and new rules for small businesses (Australia)

    I find this an interesting topic to dwell on..perhaps you shouldn't if you are paranoid but I've learned to swallow that fear, this is the modern age, and it is hard to not be tracked by your government, or anybody at that. (for most places) I have been meaning to look into things like this to...
  3. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Feeling a little outnumbered this morning

    forgot to ask, but why exactly do the guests greatly outnumber the members? I've always found that strange.
  4. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Feeling a little outnumbered this morning

    I'm typically here in the shadows gathering as much information as I can without leaving any trace more than a like and MAYBE a comment..think of it like a hungry vampire or something, but with nerd things. :D
  5. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Good morning/evening!

    Good morning/evening!
  6. Bodaciously_Moronic

    I would like to thank anybody who helped me with my fathers compromised phone, the issue is...

    I would like to thank anybody who helped me with my fathers compromised phone, the issue is taken care of and now we can rest easy.
  7. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Tuxbot lingo

    which different tones can you use? Can you list some examples?
  8. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Tuxbot lingo

    now reply with another sentence in a grouchy old man tone
  9. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Tuxbot lingo

    reply with a random sentence in a pirate tone
  10. Bodaciously_Moronic

    The fantastical AskTux bot!

    I believe so, I wasn't sure whether to put it in General or Off-topic. but it was still Linux related so I put it here. I also was asking the community instead of the bot. If it needs to be moved that's alright!
  11. Bodaciously_Moronic

    The fantastical AskTux bot!

    We all know him, I'm sure we've all asked him at least something. TuxBot is a wonderful add-on to the Linux Forums in my opinion, he's helped many and many more to come. He's answered countless questions for people of all skill sets and levels. But naturally, I have a few curious questions...
  12. Bodaciously_Moronic

    I Can't Figure out how to open and play this linux file

    going off on a limb here but possibly the file could be incomplete and maybe has other things you need to download and execute to run it properly OR your chromebook doesn't have enough capacity to run it, I frequent that issue as well. I'm using a chromebook in place of my broken laptop(regret)...
  13. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Android Security Issues(CONCLUDED)

    I see, I appreciate the help! It has been getting to a serious matter and I think a factory reset is ideal after looking into it. Thank you again
  14. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Android Security Issues(CONCLUDED)

    UI ver 5.1, android 13, security software MDF v3.3 release 1. I don't know what else information could be needed let me know if there is. but thank you for the information and ill be sure to tell him!
  15. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Android Security Issues(CONCLUDED)

    unsure whether this thread goes in Linux security or Off-topic since it's not necessarily Linux-related My father has been having security issues with his phone. His account has been sending messages unbeknownst to him as well as excessive file corruption and deletion. Now, the issue is he...
  16. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Linux Programmer Vocab?

    not a die-hard programmer, I occasionally tinker with the terminal and things. I wanted to learn programmer vocabulary to better understand forum questions. what are some basic appreviations commonly used amongst programmers?
  17. Bodaciously_Moronic

    both of them, currently using a Chromebook while my laptop is being fixed. Version...

    both of them, currently using a Chromebook while my laptop is being fixed. Version 108.0.5359.111 But the video figured it out for me, Thank you!
  18. Bodaciously_Moronic

    oh, no way! sounds sick. I've heard about wine and its newer version but never used it. do...

    oh, no way! sounds sick. I've heard about wine and its newer version but never used it. do you know if it's functional on Chrome?
  19. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Linux Forums Crash

    My Linux forums keep crashing and failing to connect, aswell as bad gateway errors, this is a new issue. I am currently using my school Chromebook and I was wondering if there is anything that may be causing this? I don't have any information on this type of thing and it is getting on my...
  20. Bodaciously_Moronic

    Python coding

    alright, I got my coding started! but I have 2 more questions, one relating to python and the other unrelated. first; I got my python coding started but are there any in-depth tutorials for noobs when it comes to commands used for programming a website, I have no knowledge of what commands to...