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  1. kc1di

    best distro for my specs?

    Hello @raulguy, Welcome to the forum. You may want to take a look at this page. Enjoy the Journey!
  2. kc1di

    Best textbooks to learn TCP IP protocols?

    this page may be of interest to you. and this one Scroll down to the network section. If you want a book I would recommend The Linux Bible. by Wiley. The Linux Bible covers networking as well as almost anything else you will need in linux installs.
  3. kc1di

    Hello, I would like to make sure that this Laptop supports Fedora.

    Hello @speedruner08 , Welcome to the forum, Best way to find out how it will play is to run the live usb of fedora and see if everything is working. The secure boot thing is the normal advise as it interferes with some drivers and hardware detection on may Distros. I'm not sure about...
  4. kc1di

    Noob Question

    Hello @SandLake, Welcome to the forum. I use Midnight commander - it's not a gui but is very good file manager. for a gui manager I would recommend pcmanfm. Which is very light weight and should work with any DE /WM that uses gtk libs. Good Luck.
  5. kc1di

    Is LMDE 6 out yet?

    Now it's official :
  6. kc1di

    Is LMDE 6 out yet?

    I would wait a bit. LMDE6 beta has been released but offically LMDE6 final has not been released. It should be in a few days. It's been approved for stable but Mint waits until all of it's mirriors have been synced before announcing the release. If LMDE5 is working well for you I would wait a...
  7. kc1di

    New Gaming Linux Distro.

    For those of you that are gamers this Distro may be for you. I'm not a gamer so can't say how it works. But if you try it let others know your opinion on it.
  8. kc1di

    linux mint

    Give us the output of the command @Brickwizard asked for. We can not be of much help if you won't give the info that is needed.
  9. kc1di

    Feeling a little outnumbered this morning

    We are here with you @Brickwizard :) I come and go throughout the day.
  10. kc1di

    Installing local .deb packages with sudo apt install

    Try this command see if it corrects the problem. sudo dpkg --configure -a (note: if that does not work try this) sudo apt install -f
  11. kc1di

    Is Debian Dying?

    For a good page on the differences between apt and apt-get see here.
  12. kc1di

    Is Debian Dying?

    Debian is not dieing I would suggest that the mirror you are using went down for some reason. Try a different mirror.
  13. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    Corrected :)
  14. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    Got slimbookbattery fixed you have to install slimbookbattery_4.0.9beta from here. it will then run in Ubuntu 23.10beta
  15. kc1di

    "Display Settings" not opening on Ubuntu 23.04

    What happens if you issue this command in a terminal gnome-control-center display any error messages?
  16. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    I regularly used Ubuntu from it's beginning when you could order free dvd/Cd to install. Until they went to unity DE and then I went to Mint for a long while. I've been using KDE/plasma Distros for about two years so decided to give Gnome another try. And I find it works well. Only problem I...
  17. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    Thanks @guiverc that would explain it. But in any event the installed instance is running good and cool on the Lenovo t450. I never have been a big fan of Gnome. but must say that gnome 45 seems to be working well. It's worth a try if anyone wants to try ubuntu 23.10 I don't normally test...
  18. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    I might add that the new installer is quite nice.
  19. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    I'm not sure either but it's working well right now. :) It is using a little over 2 Gbs ram with vivaldi and a few other apps going, not bad. on the live it was using almost 4 gbs ram so think it most likely had a bunch of stuff loaded to ram.
  20. kc1di

    Test driving ubuntu 23.10 beta

    That could be , I did a full install on the machine and the heating problem seems to have been fixed so I suspect that in live mode it was taxing the system more. In any event it seems to be working fine. Gnome 45 is nice. only thing I'll have to wait on is a couple of programs I usually...