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    Difference between ? and * in globbing?

    ? It represents a single character * It represents zero or more characters The difference: say there are these files in system. file1 file2 file3 file4 file10 You do rm -f file? It will not delete file10, meanwhile if you do rm -f file*, it'll delete all files. What I'm trying to understand...
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    How to check the size of symbol table of Linux directories? How do I check the size occupied by just the symbol table of a directory? i.e the mapping of file names to inodes?
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    Tell me how can I use lsblk, df commands to troubleshoot system issues in depth?

    I mean I can read the output. I want to make sense out of that.
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    Tell me how can I use lsblk, df commands to troubleshoot system issues in depth?

    What kind of issues can I troubleshoot using lsblk command? I use df command to check if the disk is full or not in linux. Tell me how can I use this combo for troubleshooting purposes?
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    Convert this script where I can input the day

    Where have you selected the logs to print?
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    Convert this script where I can input the day

    LC_ALL=C awk -v beg=10:00:00 -v end=13:00:00 ' match($0, /[0-2][0-9]:[0-5][0-9]:[0-5][0-9]/) { t = substr($0, RSTART, 8) if (t >= end) selected = 0 else if (t >= beg) selected = 1 } selected' I didn't write this script but I vaguely understand it in gist and what it does...
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    Need a Kanban X Ticketing Software, Open-Source and Self-Hosted?

    Problem Statement: We're using scrum at work. Not every member has scrum account. Only senior members have it (I'm not sure why). The 60% employees are among juniors. So, our purpose is one of the members of the junior team will lead the junior team in assigning tickets. The tickets are...
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    client_max_body_size 4M; meaning in nginx

    Why'd anyone need to send a payload greater than 1MB in a mobile banking application?
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    client_max_body_size 4M; meaning in nginx

    Why'd any client send request payload greater than 4MB? I don't understand. What kind of websites need 4MB request payload size?
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    How to track daily tickets in windows 10 opensource?

    This is the workflow I want. persons: A,B,C,D,E. date: today, yesterday,......all days. should be shareable to view by everyone.
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    What’s the problem with this nginx unit file? systemctl stop nginx isn’t working?

    [Unit] Description=The NGINX HTTP and reverse proxy server [Service] Type=forking PIDFile=/run/ ExecStartPre=/usr/sbin/nginx -t ExecStart=/usr/sbin/nginx ExecReload=/usr/sbin/nginx...
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    Get really lazy after reaching 70% of udemy courses(nginx and bash atm)

    i get super lazy once I reach around 70-80% of the udemy course and stop performing my best. I study well for the first 70% of my course, but once I reach 70%, I start to feel "know it all type" and feel unchallenged. Thus reducing my motivation to learn. How do I fix this issue? Currently...
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    A Linux Puzzle using tr command

    cat greeting hello cat greeting | tr -d "\r" hello world Create a file called greeting so that you can generate the expected output as shown in second case.
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    Using maxage in conjuction with rotate in logrotate

    I've read these blogs about maxage and rotate when used in conjunction and I'm still confused about it.
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    size option of logrotate /var/log/nginx/*.log { size 50G } Does this mean the size of all the log files in /var/log/nginx will be more than 50G then rotate the log or does it mean the size of 1 log file in /var/log/nginx will be more than 50G then logrotate?
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    How to grep or awk or sed exact match in linux

    Thank you but I now chaned the logic of my script.
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    How to grep or awk or sed exact match in linux

    Say I've servername-server servername servername_new_bak Say servername and servername_new_bak aren't running. When I do ps -aux| grep servername | wc -l I want only 1 as output as servername is not running, but currently I'm getting 3 as output because servername-server is running. That's...
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    Run for loop only if the looping variable exists in bash scripting?

    #Declare the path PATH_GF='/home/srvrname/srvrname/bin/asadmin' domainArray=("dom1" "dom2" "dom3" "dom4" "dom5" "dom6" "dom7") for domain in $domainArray; do $PATH_GF stop-domain $domain done echo "All Domains Have Been Stopped" i="0" while [ $i -lt 10 ]; do echo "Waiting some time" &...
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    Best cloud service provider for my case?

    I am tired with my laptop vm. The laptop is seemingly powerful. 1TB SATA SSD and 16GB RAM. But i5 processor. But when I run 3 VMs on it, they freak out and hang. I am tired because my multi-server learnings like nginx-reverse proxy, load balancing, and things that require mutliple servers are...