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    Struggling to get help installing a working Helix Editor On Debian (For C/C++ programming.) Can anyone help me?

    I know this is not a realy solution but you can use geany this is a lightweight code editor that runs on every system is use without any problem.
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    Archiving Multiple files after SFTP

    I think you can use scp for normal sftp in the most use cases this work. If this not work you can use lftp which have extended possiblitys to copy files for example the mirror command.
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    Linux Kernel LTS cut from 6 years to 2 years

    WTF -.- lts and 2 years this is a bad dream and not real or?
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    Centos 7 Not using memory > 1TB RAM

    Centos 7 is using an older kernel per default this can be a problem. You can try to install the elrepo kernel and check if this solve your problem.
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    Switching from windows to Linux

    If you came from the windows world i think Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition is the best Linux for you. It is optimized for Hardware compatibilty and non terminal use. And the look and feel is is similar to windows. Linux Mint Download Page
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    Quick Start Guide Setting up SSH Key Authentication on a rootserver

    Deutsche Version Kurzanleitung SSH Key Authentifizierung auf einem rootserver einrichten
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    Quick Guide Accessing IPv4 Systems from an IPv6 Server

    Deutsche Version Kurzanleitung Zugriff auf IPv4 Systeme von einem IPv6 Server
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    Difference between ? and * in globbing?

    i thinks ? is only 1 char. * is for N chars.
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    Solved ip - ifconfig - netplan - interfaces file

    This is linux live and colored. There are many ways to do the same things. ifconfig is a part of the old iproute toolset of linux ip is a part of the new iproute2 toolset of linux netplan ,/etc/network/interfaces, networkmanager are ways to configure the system uses in backend mostly ip and...
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    Quick Guide Accessing IPv4 Systems from an IPv6 Server

    Quick Guide Accessing IPv4 Systems from an IPv6 Server - The first thing to do is to log in to the server ssh [user]@[host] Example: ssh [email protected] - Now look for a public NAT64 server e.g. from - Then we create a backup of the existing...
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    Why Do I Bother

    It's a general problem that people often complain about something but rarely get in touch once they've seen something good. This is unfortunately in the nature of humans. Don't be discouraged, I think it's good that there are people like you who make the effort to write tutorials. Therefore, a...
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    Solved Installing programs from tar.gz

    I think the best way is to wait a while if the new package will be come available in the package manger. Because if you make manual interventions it can make you system instable.
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    Australia's surprise spot on list of most-hacked countries

    Too many windows systems :) .
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    Hello Linux Nerds

    Welcome Rainer greetings from Germany :) .
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    Suggest Me A Lightweight Distro, Please

    Hi, i suggest the small brother of mx-linux antix . This distro is optimised for small hardware.
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    [SOLVED] touch file on network drive

    Hi, i have read on a german wiki that cifs unix extension must be enabled for support of user rights. #Source (German) => Übertragung der Rechte mit cifs-UNIX-Erweiterungen
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    [SOLVED] touch file on network drive

    Hi, normaly the default user of networkdrives is nobody:nobody or nobody:nogroup on nfs drives. Check your mount parameters. Or did you use an other network files system? If yes which network filesystem you use how do you mount (which command?)
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    mmonit or nagios for monitoring the server to check if the disk usage>90% or not?

    Hi, i have been using nagios since 2009 and it runs reliably. Last year i have create a small setup on my vs2-f and it works so it doesnt need many ressources.
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    What should I do after installing Debian 12?

    Hi, on desktop Systems i do the following thinks after setup: Check if the resolution has been set correktly to cross check graphic card drivers Check if wifi and lan working Open a video on youtube for example to check if sound and encoded content work Check if printer work correctly if...