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    Ladies and Gentlemen uBlock Origin has been defeated

    Likewise, some sites continually fight ad blockers, but normally they are overcome within a few days, & ublock origin has kept me ad free for the longest, so I always install it on my machines. :)
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    Kali Grub issue (cant boot kali )

    Lol! Learn to walk before trying to run! Use a general purpose distro, not a 'pro' version. ;)
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    Need help with Hardware Compatibility you aren't a Linux guru, but you want to install a pro pen testing distro - why? Start out with a general purpose distro, learn the ropes first, then if you still need a pro distro install one..... ......but most forums expect people using a pro/pen testing distro to know what they are...
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    Anyone else boot Linux from an external M.2 portable drive?

    Not 'regularly', as I don't need to, but yes, I use an external M2 disk on occasion, I have 2 of them, they tend to boot fastest of any USB disk, but not an awful lot faster than an external SSD, but are smaller to carry.... ;)
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    Can you really consider linux distros based off of arch, a solely arch-based distro?

    There are only a few 'real' distros, those that actually compile the software, all others are 'spins' of these distros. Does it matter? Of course not, as they are all using the Linux kernel & GNU software, only the package managers differ. ;)
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    linux pop ups are taking over

    I've hear that as pebkac - person between keyboard and chair
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    Renaming a USB Drive

    Another way that I've used is to just number the pendrives, then write down in a notebook what is on each. (I used a magic marker, took a long time before it would disappear - but you could engrave the numbers.)
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    Swapping out debian installer for a better more user friendly installer for a college distribution

    Calamares is an easy to use installer, it replaced a less friendly one, however Crowz uses a much simplified, for the user, version of it - & there is also refractainstaller
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    Yes, you install it to your hard drive as a frugal installation, but when installing it, choose to use a directory for you files, instead of persistence, which is usually used on a pendrive.
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    3 partitions?

    Ah, OK, I didn't know that was an option these days - I left Windows a looong time ago - thanks for the correction. :)
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    Frugal means like it is on the USB key, in compressed format, you will likely want to 'use a directory' for your storage of data, rather than a file, I did.
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    linux pop ups are taking over

    If you click on the little arrow shape, there should be an option, once set, you won't/shouldn't get bothered again.
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    3 partitions?

    You are wanting to 'dual boot' with Windows7, it can be done but not quite straight forward, you have to shrink the Windows partition first, to gain space to install Linux - lots of info online about how to do this.
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    Renaming a USB Drive

    Simply, write on the label, peel off, & stick to the pendrive. ;)
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    Renaming a USB Drive

    I just use sticky labels.....;)
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    I installed 810 to bare metal, so you should be able to.
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    I use Devuan..... :D
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    Welcome aboard. :)
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    home site

    Linux Questions has been my main forum for many years, it is a general Linux forum, like on here, lots of helpful knowledgeable people, & again, all are voluntary helpers. There are also specific distro forums, with the people who make the distro, & others helping out answering queries, all...
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    [SOLVED]Connecting AOC monitor to Manjaro Lenovo T4390s laptop

    Your laptop should have a VGA socket, just plug a cable in between the laptop & monitor, (you may need to have it attached when booting up), & there may be a function key you can use to have it as only, or dual display.