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  1. osprey

    How Easy Is It To Change Or Reset A Forgotten User Password In Linux Mint As A Beginner.

    Here are some instructions: To redo passwords the user needs to be able to follow instructions whether a beginner or more savvy, and the instructions need to be those which apply to their operating systems. Fortunately, on most linux...
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    Linux won't detect WiFi adapter

    From this output, it looks like the wifi adapter is a Realtek item. One needs to know the details of its chipset and driver. Usually the output of the following command show these: lsusb If you run that command, show the output here within code tags, there may some useful output from which a...
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    Debian 12 (Bookworm)

    On the matter of debian security and secure packages on mirrors see:
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    Creating exactly 'n' children of a parent in UNIX.

    The first fork is to two processes, but for a linux program the number of processes it forks into depends on the program and the number of times the fork() system call is actually called. The fork() call creates a new process which copies the calling process which results in the new process...
  5. osprey

    Need assistance booting onto USB stick with Linux distro

    It would be wise to verify the usb you write with the relevant means, something like a sha512sum. Not all writers for isos are the same. The first thing it may be useful to check is the size in bytes of the original iso compared to the one that is written to the usb. They need to be identical...
  6. osprey

    Today's article has you playing with trees...

    tree will find a file for the user, for example looking for the file "bar": [[email protected] ~/lemon/file-exp]$ tree -P bar . ├── anoth │ ├── newdir │ └── ots │ └── Desktop ├── anoth2 │ └── anoth │ ├── newdir │ └── ots ├── copydir ├── dirfile │ └── spaces └── gzz ├── bar...
  7. osprey

    Brightness Issue : Max brightness too low in HP Victus

    The xcalib program is able to change brightness and contrast on screens, but I'm not familiar with it's outputs on your machine. Nevertheless the following variables would be among the ones to experiment with: -red <gamma> <brightness-percent> <contrast-percent> -green <gamma>...
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    Debian 12 - High clock speed at idle

    You could have a look and see which governors are available and make selections to see if you can get what you want. On this machine there are 6 governors available: [[email protected] ~]$ cpufreq-info cpufrequtils 008: cpufreq-info (C) Dominik Brodowski 2004-2009 Report errors and bugs to...
  9. osprey

    POPOS sound driver

    S Since the driver is sof-audio-pci-intel-apl, then the system will need the intel SOF firmware installed as well. That firmware is in the package called: firmware-sof-signed, in most debian based distros, but probably check in popOS and install the popOS version if it's not already installed...
  10. osprey

    Ethernet card is down

    My suspicions about hardware are aroused by the messages: ... Link Failure ... ... has been repaired ... ... Link Failure ... It fits the scenario of a contact failing, say from heat expansion which removes contact ("Link Failure", then cooling allowing the contact to be made ("been...
  11. osprey

    Solved Screen Tearing Issue on Lenovo X200 Laptop

    Aha, sudo needs the command of the text editor, for example if using the text editor nano: sudo nano 10-tearfree.conf then the file will be created as root for you to edit. You need to have sudo working on your computer and be able to use it. Otherwise you can use your root account directly...
  12. osprey

    Solved Screen Tearing Issue on Lenovo X200 Laptop

    Yes you need to use a text editor like nano or vim, which seem to be the most popular ones. You need to use it as root and create the file. The simplest approach is to navigate to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ directory inside a terminal, become root by using "sudo" or "su" and then write the file...
  13. osprey

    ContainerBase.addChild: start: org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: Failed to start component

    Any usefulness here?:
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    More On Shutter - Wizards Corner

    You got me! :) Playing around with minimalist Alpine at the moment, which probably explains the consciousness.
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    Need help to get more space on home directory

    These questions come to mind: What tool was used to resize the partition? Can you show details of the full partitioning on the disk, either from the command line output, or from the graphical output of a program like Gparted? What did you actually do? What commands did you execute? Are you dual...
  16. osprey

    More On Shutter - Wizards Corner

    Just on the matter red arrows, since that was the only current interest for me, a brief look at sizes and dependencies I found revealing. Here are the dependencies and installed size of shutter on debian: [[email protected] ~]$ apt-cache show shutter <snip> Installed-Size: 11092 (~11MB) <snip>...
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    Debian update failed

    Is there a problem with the media you are using? Did you verify it with the checksums before running it?
  18. osprey

    No sound in Ubuntu after installation - Tried a lot - nothing worked, please help. Desparate!

    You have found fedora is more successful with the sound system, but it's still unsatisfactory. That is progress of a sort. This is a speculation: fedora is more up to date than ubuntu, and the other systems you've tried, which may mean that it's the newer kernel that is more readily able to deal...
  19. osprey

    Adding & Removing Fonts with Font Manager

    The noto fonts are usually in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto/. The "room" they take is: [[email protected] /usr/share/fonts/truetype/noto]$ du -sh . 377M Whether 377MB is "much room" I guess is a matter of opinion. The wiz's command in post #6 should delete the noto fonts if that's what you'd like to...
  20. osprey

    Debian update failed

    If you don't understand the info on the links, then another alternative is to reinstall, and presumably, since the machine did work before, that it continues to. Perhaps just stay on debian stable where the updating is mainly just security matters and bug fixes. Currently debian bookworm is...