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    My Mint 18.3 installation is now a GRUB Prompt!

    Rut Roh! I must confess that the cause of this was the dreaded .... user error! I forgot the computer had two drives. I was installing to the secondary drive. Once I installed to the primary drive, it worked fine. Thank you for your help, arochester!
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    My Mint 18.3 installation is now a GRUB Prompt!

    grub> startx the computer's reply is, "error: can't find command 'startx' FWIW, The system starts up very quickly - it doesn't step through loading Linux at all, it just immediately comes on with "GNU Grub version <ver no> ", then "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported ...", then...
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    My Mint 18.3 installation is now a GRUB Prompt!

    My wife donated her old Mint 18.3 system to me, so I could use it as a MUD server. Since it had multiple user accounts on it I didn't need, I set out to re-install Mint 18.3, so the computer could start the second half of its life with a fresh installation of Mint. The installation appeared to...
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    PC for Linux has refurbished i3, and i5 systems for well under USD $500, and most come with 8 GB RAM. It might be useful to get model names and model numbers from that site, then Google how well Linux runs on <whatever model> I've never purchased from the site (though we may be buying...
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    general consensus and any unification of one site as a place to go for slackware docs?

    Hello Captain-Sensible, I'm no authority on Slackware, but I do poke at it from time to time. I'd say, yes, that site you found, is the best place to get Slackware information. They also have installation, configuration, and administration information compiled into...
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    PDF editor(s)

    To update Linux Mint from the command line, use these two commands. sudo apt-get update This, I think, refreshes your system's list of what updates are available. Then sudo-apt-get upgrade This actually replaces what's on your system with newer versions. Mint (I think) does dependency...
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    Hello from Southern California!

    Hello everyone! I've lurked here for a few months, and finally got around to joining! I'm John, 50 yo, from Southern California USA. I've been running Linux Mint for about 3 years, I think, versions 17.something and 18.3 on my laptop, and now 19.1 on a Dell i3 desktop I inherited from my...