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    Audit logs disappeared

    I set up an audit trail to our company's Linux system in June 2020. It seemed to work fine. Now, in the verge of a new year, I decided to check whether the auditing has been working as expected. To my surprise, ausearch:ing only finds matches from about last two weeks! For example, sudo...
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    Log new directories (created in a certain place) in a file

    Hi all! I need to do the following: Monitor a certain directory (for example, /media/server/ ) for new directories being created. If a new directory is created, it should be written in a log file. The goal is to create a system (using cron), which periodically checks whether new directories...
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    How to audit mounted volume

    We have Mint 19.3, kernel 5.3.0-53-generic. I am also a member of the LinuxMint forum, but as the question is not distro-based, I decided to post it here.
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    How to audit mounted volume

    I have to setup audit trailing in our company. Generally Linux's in-built tool auditd works fine, but the following keeps failing: I have created a directory /media/server/ for the users to mount the server(s) on, so that each one can have their own /media/server/user1, /media/server/user2 and...