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    Need a Perl Guru.

    I already use Device::BCM2835. It works fine and my code to access the GPIO pins has no problem with it. But, I apparently didn't make my wants clear. It isn't that I need help in getting the driver to work, but that I don't quite understand the Perl calls that use it. To change a pin to...
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    Need a Perl Guru.

    GURU = Anyone who knows more than me. i.e. almost everyone. I am making good progress in learning Perl, but am stuck on an item that I can't seem to find in the Mastering Perl books. (Or more likely, don't recognize.) I am doing I/O projects on a PI 4, using the GPIO for all kinds of...
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    Linux plus Pro XDR display?

    I read where (allegedly) a package was built for windows that can set the controls for the Apple Pro XDR display. Thus far, the display worked on windows, but if any parameter needed to be changed, it had to be hooked up to a Mac again. This is third party info, as I haven't used any windows...
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    Do you think people should use Debian or Ubuntu? Tell me which one and why.

    I use Debian because I don't care for a distro to load tons of software that I will never use. Nothing evil about that, but I like to start with a clean system. I always load the absolute minimum required to see the light of day, then add what I want one apt-get at a time. And way back in...
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    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    You bring back unwanted memories of Red Hat RPM. It was horrible. "Your program installation failed." Try again. "Your program cannot be installed because it is already installed." Uninstall. "Your program cannot be uninstalled because it is not installed." ad infinitum.
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    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    I started in the mid 90's with Slackware, however that statement isn't all it seems. I was professionally trained on Unix starting in 1987, so I was well educated in 'Nix long before Linus did his big post. Starting with Linux was just a matter of learning the differences way down in the...
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    A Perl Maven

    I started Linux back when Slackware was one of the top distros, downloaded onto floppies with each disk holding a piece - kernel, network, utilities, etc. (And received on a 26k dialup line, no less - jeeze, times have changed!) I didn't really switch over until Red Hat 7.0, which IMO was the...