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  1. Vrai

    See your identity pieced together from stolen data

    It is rather creepy. Although I do make them work very hard for my data.
  2. Vrai

    Installing Bionic Puppy Linux to hard drive

    I have run Puppy off and on over the years and have always greatly enjoyed it. Often I would install it to the hard drive even though that is not the 'recommended' method. It worked perfectly. In my opinion, when all these various 'flavors' of Puppy started appearing is when things started...
  3. Vrai

    Australia - The Land Down Under

    Wait - if the Earth is flat, how can Australia be "The Land Down Under"? Should that not be "Australia The Land Way Over There"?
  4. Vrai

    Facebook Yes/No

    That would be a resounding NO!
  5. Vrai

    Just signed up...

    Should we be worried? LOL
  6. Vrai

    Today's article is based on a question someone sent via the site...

    I bet there is more than you may think. Especially to your kids after you are gone. <3
  7. Vrai

    Which Distro

    Reading some of the titles of recent posts it struck me that a person (old Linux Geek) could become weary of seeing the "Which Distro Should I Use" question. Then I remembered there was a time when I was new to Linux and would very much have appreciated the advice of an 'Old Greybeard'. I...
  8. Vrai

    Today's article is based on a question someone sent via the site...

    I do use a Password Manager but I also keep spiral bound notebooks beside each of my computers. Whenever I make a new password for a new site/app or change a password I write it down so I always have a 'hard copy'. I figure that this way in the event of my much lamented demise the family will be...
  9. Vrai

    What was your first Linux distribution and version of that distribution?

    My first was Red Hat, based on a friends recommendation. At that time it was available by downloading six or so floppy discs. I was not tech savvy enough to get it sorted. A while later I discovered Ubuntu. Dapper Drake 6.06 I think it was. That was the first Linux I was able to get installed...
  10. Vrai

    Today's article is another short-form article about BIOS vs UEFI...

    Hmmm . . . interesting. Then it would seem that in order to determine what the system is capable of one would need to press the appropriate keys during startup in order to enter the BIOS or UEFI setup mode. Makes sense.
  11. Vrai

    Today's article is another short-form article about BIOS vs UEFI...

    I have a question. If the system is capable of using either UEFI or BIOS and it is set to BIOS or Legacy mode, will that command still return ls: cannot access '/sys/firmware/efi': No such file or directory or will it indicate that efi is available?
  12. Vrai

    usb and linux boot

    FAT32 not ExFAT
  13. Vrai

    Ubuntu 23.04

    Have you tried installing with the 'old' installer? I've heard that is an option. Apparently the 'new' installer tends to fall over and bump its' head!
  14. Vrai

    Safest Linux distribution to switch to

    I think I thought of you @VP9KS as I was posting this!
  15. Vrai

    Safest Linux distribution to switch to

    It left out Slackware. That is one of the oldest, is it not?
  16. Vrai

    About the Solus Project...

    I saw something yesterday which indicated that someone or some organization was re-energizing the Solus project.
  17. Vrai

    EOLs Imminent - Wizard Reshuffles Stable - Wizards Corner

    Ugh . . . and here I am dreading upgrading my single installs of Linux Mint 19.3 on my laptop and desk top!
  18. Vrai

    About the Solus Project...

    Thanks for sharing this @KGIII . I have seen a few posts here and there recently regarding Solus and was wondering what the scuttlebutt was. I never used Solus as a daily driver but I have tested it out several times. If memory serves, I seem to recall that several years ago there was some kind...
  19. Vrai

    how to edit a scanned document?

    I would give Master PDF a try. I often need to add text to a PDF invoice and found it to be a challenge on Linux. On Windows it was easy-peasy. Master PDF works well for the task.
  20. Vrai

    Mint keeps disconnecting from wifi

    I had this same issue on my Acer laptop running Linux Mint. I purchased a mini-USB wi-fi dongle and it has worked flawlessly ever since. I think the correct driver for my on-board wi-fi has since been added to the kernel but the USB dongle works perfectly so I haven't bothered to switch. It was...