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    Parrot OS 4.0 (Debian-based)

    Parrot Security OS is being actively developed, and I personally have found it very good and responsive. Also the MATE Desktop Environment is fairly light on resources.
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    new member here

    Hi SCB! What kind of help would you need?
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    Parrot OS 4.0 (Debian-based)

    Parrot Security OS 4.0 has just been released! This is a serious pentesting distribution that is based on Debian. I highly recommend getting acquainted with it: For any newcomers who are migrating from Windows, this course might be helpful...
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    4k video editing

    If you want to edit 4K video you will need an i7, at least 8GB RAM and a good graphics card like GTX1060. Also you will benefit from an SSD drive for faster read and write speeds. DaVinci Resolve is available for CentOS as far as I remember. It supports the 4K resolution. Hope this helps! :)
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    Hi everyone!

    Firstly you would need to create a separate partition for the hard disk and then install Linux onto that partition so that you don't accidentally wipe out Windows. Our course shows how to create partitions inside of Windows. Did you have a look at the intro video?
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    Hi everyone!

    Hey there! Currently the course teaches how to create a multiboot Linux drive inside of Windows, as the course is geared toward Windows users who want to migrate to Linux. We will be adding lessons showing how to do the same inside of Linux using Gparted and another 3rd party tool.
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    Best Linux for beginner

    Hi @Olly ! Great that you want to switch to Linux. Recommending any certain distro is always hard since what is good for one may not suit the other. I'd recommend installing VirtualBox and then downloading various different distros and trying out which suits you best. Try also different Desktop...
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    New user

    Learning to use the terminal is much easier nowadays because there are a lot of good online courses and other information. A quick google search will bring up a lot of options to learn from. The main thing though, is that you keeping working in the terminal, as @atanere mentioned. We also...
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    Any free photoshop alternative for linux.

    Gimp and Krita are said to be the best open source alternatives around. :)
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi there, Name's David Longfield. Glad to join the Linux community. I use various distros (Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, Fedora, Manjaro, Parrot, etc.) Hope to help some of you out and hope you can help me out. By the way, for anyone who's interested, we've created an online course about how to...