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    The Linux Literature

    Hello everyone! This topic is intended for people like me who want to be advanced in everything. I decided to collect Linux books for continuous learning, so i'm going to post all the information about good Linux books here, about Fundamentals, The Linux Bible, and so on. And i hope that you do...
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    More useful commands

    I did little research in the Web Archive and found this (I hope you don't mind if i posted this): Plumbing with "pipes" in Linux In this lesson, we're going to do a little plumbing. Plumbing with a computer? Well, Linux is so flexible that it even allows you to do plumbing with it. Well...
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    More useful commands

    Amazing article. But now i am stuck and can't find the "Piping" tutorial. Could you tell me please where i should find this information?
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    The cp command

    Thank you very much good sir!
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    What got you into Linux?

    Well for me it's just a wild interest in technologies. All i want in my life is to consume knowledge, Linux is part of it. I'm learning C language by now and installed Linux for essential immersion while learning + it's really convenient.
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    The cp command

    I'm sorry but i can't find the Alias lesson. Could you please give me a link to it?