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    copying more files than are being copied

    I found a bug in the new version of Ubuntu. I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu 20.04 and before installing I ran the operating system from the USB stick and copied over thousands of files to a external hard drive before installing. I took a photo of the laptops screen using my smart...
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    apt-get confussion

    @Rob and @arochester thank you both.
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    apt-get confussion

    But if I give the profile matthew root privileges then what is the point of the sudo command? I thought that the command sudo was so that someone without root privileges could do still that is limited to root. Would giving the profile matthew root privileges create any security issues I should...
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    apt-get confussion

    My Linux machine has two users root and matthew, I keep the passwords written in a text file so that I know I'm not making a spelling mistake (maybe a security issue, but that's not related to my question). I was logged in as matthew and I wanted to install nano, so I typed. sudo apt-get...
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    Dual monitor problem

    I'm doing a fresh installation with a machine with two identical graphics cards and two identical monitors. When I set the resolution of both the monitors to 3440x1440 then one of them goes nuts and doesn't display correctly but the other does display correctly. If I set the resolution of one...