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    Internetbanking in WM

    @Xfiles, welcome to Most applications that works on Windows 10 should also run on a virtual computer running Windows 10. Your computer must have adequate system memory to assign to the Windows 10 operating system running within the virtual machine as well as any apps you intend to...
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    Linux Cluster issue

    @Condobloke Thanks. Were you successful in opening it? I gave it a shot and was able to read the text. What format should I send it in?
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    PC vs Mac (Why are Linux and Windows in the same PC boat?)

    The issue is also that "PC" was the name of an IBM product and later a trademark —albeit only for a few years in the mid-1990s. As @KGIII mentioned, this forced all other manufacturers to label their products as PC compatible, or even worse in some countries. We used to call them "clónicos" in...
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    What makes a program being 'installed'

    When you install RPMs, and I assume DEBs as well, the install tool (apt, rpm, yum, dnf, etc...) writes this to a flat metadata database on the system. You may use a command like "dnf list installed | grep yourGame" to see if it is installed or not.
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    Catch me live for an hour or so on YouTube to "Talk Linux Stuff"

    That is UTC/GMT -5 hours for those not in the United States:) If it's just on Wednesday, @Rob, I'm busy this morning (Thursday), but I'll try to make it next week. Cheers
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    Linux freezes [SOLVED]

    Ubuntu 21.04 is the base for Pop! OS 21.04. Hirsute support will end in January 2022, so you'll have to upgrade to version 21.10 or use the LTS version 20.04 - I don't use these in-between versions because they're designed for debugging and are generally considered unstable, so they're not...