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  1. 70 Tango Charlie

    Discontent with Linux.

    "I don't know if it happens to you, but every freeze and black screen just got me wondering and questioning my whole life. What, why, when, who." Can't say that ever happened to me when I was younger. However, when I was your age we did not have computers yet. We were lucky to have a small 13"...
  2. 70 Tango Charlie

    Discontent with Linux.

    Welcome @High-User It looks to me like you are 19 years old - if your Logo is correct. You said you that "Linux hurt me badly." Could you clarify that a little bit for this 86 year old geezer. Just exactly how were you hurt by Linux? It's kind of hard for this old man to understand how some...
  3. 70 Tango Charlie

    Our school is now running Linux

    I'm a little late getting in on this topic, and with a welcome to @Hillbilly H, but here goes. I have been using Linux {mainly Mint MATE} for about 5 years. During that time I have not had any virus, malware, or anything approaching that type of trouble on any of the 15 or so Linux distros that...
  4. 70 Tango Charlie

    Old acer laptop, linux noob, have questions

    I will vouch for the goodness of Etcher. It is easy and user friendly - and gets the job done. I have used it many times without any problem whatsoever. Might as well have another beer with our friend @wizardfromoz . Old Geezer TC
  5. 70 Tango Charlie

    Some affairs are sweet but very short

    @Jane33 @Condobloke Greetings from the Old Geezer. One thing I have found in life is that patience has to be learned by most people. Some of us do not come by it naturally - like me. Some do - not like me. They say that the first impression is the longest lasting. That may be true, but can be...
  6. 70 Tango Charlie

    Australia - The Land Down Under

    Will do.
  7. 70 Tango Charlie

    Australia - The Land Down Under

    @Condobloke Thanks a bunch for introducing us to Bruce. That video is outstanding! Just an OG TC
  8. 70 Tango Charlie

    Help! Want to start over

    Greetings Baja, and welcome! I also am running Mint 20.1 MATE. I have a question or two for you. 1. How did you install 19.3 on your USB stick? Please explain the steps you used. 2. How did you try to boot over 20.1? Ditto of the above. 3. It would help if you would let us know what software...
  9. 70 Tango Charlie

    Hello World ! :-)

    Ah yes, 57; the year of the famous 57 Chevy. Also the year this Old Geezer got out of the US Army, into which he had been inducted in 55. {Yes, there was an active draft back then}. OG TC
  10. 70 Tango Charlie

    Hello World ! :-)

    You called? LOL. Yes, it's me again. Sorry for not contributing lately - I have been looking in each day - but it is now "Golf Season" in the northern hemisphere. BTW Welcome Eddy. Perhaps this old geezer can pick up a thing or two from you. Old Geezer Tango Charlie PS Had my 4th hole in one...
  11. 70 Tango Charlie

    Where did your username come from?

    That was very well done. I could not really appreciate it as much as I would like, because of my deteriorating hearing. But, I could hear enough to enjoy it. My wife did also. I still have an old 33 of Segovia stashed somewhere around the house. He did things I had never heard before on a plain...
  12. 70 Tango Charlie

    What to expect for privacy

    If I may get my 2 cents worth in.......I remember reading somewhere a long time ago, that "You are your own worst enemy!" {More philosophy}. I have come around to thinking that is very close to being a true statement. We all have some bad habits we have learned somewhere. It is difficult to...
  13. 70 Tango Charlie

    Where did your username come from?

    @KGIII Just read your post {just a tad late}. In 1956 I was in the US Army, stationed at Ft Bliss Texas {El Paso}. I remember going to town once to hear Andres Segovia play a concert on a Spanish guitar, seated on a folding chair in the middle of a stage. I believe the place held about 2,000...
  14. 70 Tango Charlie

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    @Angry Dog I noticed a couple of comments that I would like to respond to. You mentioned that you are old enough to remember how things use to work before the internet. Just how old is that? I had an older brother who worked for IBM back in the 50s and 60s. I was not interested in computers at...
  15. 70 Tango Charlie

    New to Linux

    @watson Greetings and welcome! My opinion is that Linux Mint is the easiest distro to transition to from Windows. Several reasons for that include: 1-MATE is very similar to the Windows desktop look and feel. 2-The Mint community is very active and supportive. 3-Most everything just works out...
  16. 70 Tango Charlie

    its official!

    Greetings @Hillbilly H Please, please, please ...... before you start screwing around with your new toy ..... open up Timeshift and do a backup on an external drive. That way, you are covering your rear-end when {not if} you screw things up. Not only that, but it will establish a good habit for...
  17. 70 Tango Charlie

    Questions on PDF's & JSON files.

    @Nik-Ken-Bah Nik, I just went over to the Calibre app and they do offer the ability to change the format of PDFs, E-Pubs, etc into several other formats. RTF is another one I noticed. I changed the Mike Garcanz book from E-Pub over to txt format. The quality is very good. OG TC
  18. 70 Tango Charlie

    Questions on PDF's & JSON files.

    @Nik-Ken-Bah You might want to look at this as an opportunity to refresh your typing skills!!! LOL. I don't know for sure but Calibre may be of some help. If you don't have it installed, I'm sure you can find it in Software Manager. {LM 20.1} I have seen some PDF files that I could copy and...
  19. 70 Tango Charlie

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    Linus Torvalds has 32 gb of ram on his rig. TC
  20. 70 Tango Charlie

    HP LIP Toolbox

    The closest I can come is Database. TC