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    Upgrade BCM5709 Firmware / Drivers

    Can someone please help me figure out how to upgrade the drivers and firmware for my Dell R610 BCM5709 NIC? I'm baffled why it's so confusing on Dell's site. #lspci -nnk [[email protected] ~]# lspci -v | grep Ethernet -A 1 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries NetXtreme II...
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    NIC Driver Update

    Hey folks, Would appreciate help on properly updating NIC drivers on an older Dell R610 running Ubuntu. Dell's site is utterly confusing and not really helpful. This is my output: [email protected]:~# lspci -v | grep Ethernet -A 1 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries NetXtreme...
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    NVMe Question with Dell PowerEdge Servers

    Looking to get some new Dell rackmount servers for enhancing web hosting servers but instead of using usual 2.5" SSD (front bays), I'd like to use NVMe 2.5" drives instead, front bays if possible. I'm looking at Dell R440 Example build for VPS hosting...
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    Dell Rack Servers

    Trying to figure out compatibility here with Dell PE servers. Will buy either refurbished 13th or 14th generation 1U (or 2U) servers. Servers will be used for VPS hosting, virtualization (KVM) using Virtualizor software. System: 1U Dell EMC Server or 2U if necessary CPU: Dual Intel Xeon 20+...
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    BIND Script

    Anyone else?
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    BIND Script

    This stuff is above my head tbh. Can you provide a working alternative script example? I do not understand the info in that link sorry.
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    BIND Script

    For Linux o/s where I assign a large quantity of IPv4 addresses, I use a simple bind script to quickly bind all IPs. Example: for i in $(seq 2 254); do ip addr add xxx.142.100.$i/24 dev eth0 ip addr add xxx.142.101.$i/24 dev eth0 ip addr add xxx.142.102.$i/24 dev...
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    Debian 9 Networking Issue

    I cannot believe this, still the same error.
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    Debian 9 Networking Issue

    ethtool is not installed and can't install it due to lack of connectivity
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    Debian 9 Networking Issue

    Unfortunately that did not help at all.
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    Debian 9 Networking Issue

    Same error.
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    Debian 9 Networking Issue

    Installed Debian 9 (twice even) on this server. Was pinging fine during installation via KVM on IP (main IP). After reboot, nothing is coming up on eno1 interface. Any ideas?
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    DNS Delegation on IPv4

    I use my own ns1/ns2 for DNS delegation with ARIN. I edit rDNS per /24, per zone file via cPanel/WHM or SSH console. The zones are created via WHM interface, easily for me. Now, recently I acquired a legacy block of IPv4 from an ISP. Because it's legacy, they're only able to do a...
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    Spamhaus Problem

    Spamhaus has blacklisted a /24 of mine that has a few dozen different clients. I have asked them to show me proof of evidence of spam and explained there are several different long term clients on self managed VPS servers. This is the response I get in return from Mike Anderson at Spamhaus...