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  1. DavePM

    Terminal Commands

    Thank you that worked 100%, you just so clever :D
  2. DavePM

    Terminal Commands

    Ok I had to install net tools first but the ifconfig command did not show me the gateway address!
  3. DavePM

    Terminal Commands

    What is the command for the Windows ipconfig in the terminal of Linux?
  4. DavePM

    Ubuntu VS Mint

    For some reason I am finding Ubuntu much slower to boot up and open application than what Mint was when I had this installed. Is this something I need to worry about or is this just the way it is.
  5. DavePM

    What Linux Software Repositories

    What Linux Software Repositories should I be looking at to install on my Ubuntu setup?
  6. DavePM

    Norton 360 VPN

    The thing is I purchased the 5 license option and the laptop is just one device I used on that. The other 4 devices are all still active. I just thought seeing I have a license for it now spare if I could use it that would be great.
  7. DavePM

    Norton 360 VPN

    The only reason I was thinking of Norton VPN is that I have just renewed the subscription to Norton about a month back :eek: :D
  8. DavePM

    Norton 360 VPN

    I had Norton 360 running on my laptop with Windows. Now that I have converted it to Linux is there a way to just install the VPN onto my Linux installation?
  9. DavePM

    Web Browser

    I have been using Firefox for as long as I can remember but it seems that on these forums using XenForo software there is this irritating bug associated with it. If you use a Smiley the courser falls before it and not after you place it. As all the forums I frequent use XenForo I am considering...
  10. DavePM

    Web Browser

    What is the best web browser to use with Linux?
  11. DavePM

    Where does your knowledge come from?

    Nothing in particular right now I was just thinking how well this would work on my motorcycle forum as it is very neat.
  12. DavePM

    Linux Cinnamon

    @TuxBot Not talking to me.
  13. DavePM

    Where does your knowledge come from?

    Do you know anything about motorcycles?
  14. DavePM

    Linux Cinnamon

    @TuxBot is it better to run Linux Mint or to rather install Ubuntu and then add Cinnamon to that?
  15. DavePM

    Linux Mint

    I installed Ubuntu on my laptop and then added Cinnamon to that and it seems to work great.
  16. DavePM

    Read me before using this forum section!!

    This is really very cool and he seems on point with his replies, I love this idea.
  17. DavePM

    How to learn Linux

    I have also just started on Linux and installed Ubuntu running Cinnamon on my laptop and so far I am very happy with what I have. Now I just need to keep reading to learn more before I convert my desktop to Linux.
  18. DavePM

    Post your personal Websites

    I have these two forums right now. This one was sarted in 2006 so it has been running for a few years now. This is my newer forum that has only been up a short time.
  19. DavePM

    Where did your username come from?

    From my name, how boring is that.
  20. DavePM

    Facebook Yes/No

    The only social media I am really active in is YouTube if that can even be called a social media site.