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    Cannot Open Unity Editor in Ubuntu

    Before having ubuntu on this device, it have windows 7, then was updated to windows 10, then, somehow, windows 10 stopped working, so I re-intalled windows 10. But, forgot the product key. So i installed ubuntu.
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    Cannot Open Unity Editor in Ubuntu

    My graphics card is a GM45, it is very old
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    Cannot Open Unity Editor in Ubuntu

    (I am using the newest version of ubuntu btw) Every time I try to open a new unity project, I get the following fatal error message: "Failed to initialize unity graphics. Please make sure that your graphics card drivers are installed/up to date and that it meet the minimum requirements listed...
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    Ubuntu download i915 firmware

    I am trying to figure out how to download i915 firmware, but I do not know what command to run nor how to find the package. Does anyone else know how to?
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    Trying to install new Drivers on Toshiba

    I am trying to download new intel drivers onto a Toshiba L505-ES5018 Laptop. The device has the newest version of Ubutnu (as of may 2023) installed. I understand how to download the drivers, but this laptop's gpu is very limited, I was curious if anyone could help me find drivers that are just...