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    Oops! We ran into some problems. The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.

    It's possible to have more than one php.ini. If you use a control panel like cPanel, it could also be set there. Then, it might be a forum setting in the ACP somewhere. (I'm not familiar enough with XenForo's ACP. I should spin up a free trial and play with it some more.) Those are a few...
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    Mint keeps disconnecting from wifi

    What happens if you disable the wireless yourself and then try to reconnect? Does it fail then, as well as when it happens due to other circumstances? If so, you might be looking at a bug. I had, still have I guess - as I've not fixed it but haven't used it lately, a laptop like that. If I...
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    Oracle Linux 6.10 update to Oracle Linux 7.6 Preupg result!

    To add to f33dm3's response, I do in-place upgrades fairly often and haven't had any major distro fail at it in a while. If there are drastic changes, then I'll do a new installation. The last time I did that was when Lubuntu moved from 18.04 to 20.04 - which involved a completely new desktop...
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    About the Solus Project...

    I've been following this for a while, mostly via Reddit - as that's actually the best source for news that I've been able to find for this particular topic. I think I'll first link to the Solus Reddit page: There hasn't been an update in more than two...
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    Today's article is a few ways to use touch to deal with timestamps...

    We use the touch command to create files but it's really 'meant' for dealing with things like timestamps, at least if the man page is to be believed. So, this article is a few of the ways you're most likely to use the touch command to play around with timestamps...
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    Solved Parrot OS

    I've gone ahead and marked it as solved for you. Glad to have helped.
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    Ubuntu Cinnamon is now an official Ubuntu flavor...

    I've mentioned the scuttlebutt before. (It was mentioned briefly in a public chat. I didn't leak anything private. It just didn't have any official confirmation.) Well, it's now true... I, for one, welcome the new flavor...
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    Solved Parrot OS

    You might want to preserve hard links (for restoration reasons) and some folks might worry about disk space and want to delete files at the destination, which will remove older versions of files. I like your settings just fine for now, but watch it to see if it gives you the results you're...
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    Solved Parrot OS

    It's not all that hard. Note the / as the source and the backup directory located on that same disk drive, not even a different internal drive.
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    Simple distro to boot to word processor

    You'll probably want some sort of lightweight distro for this purpose. There are many of them, too many in fact to list. So, try this URL: Many of those are installed to the internal HDD. Of those, all of them will be customized to...
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    Old laptop (?) users may have some issues with newer kernels...

    I am in the Lubuntu dev chat at the moment and also browsing the Lubuntu seed file. A package reminded me of an article I saw 'the other day' and thought about sharing at the time. Something else distracted me, probably a squirrel, and I never shared it. I don't know of anything but laptops...
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    Solved Parrot OS

    You can pick pretty much anywhere you want as your backup destination. That can even be a directory on the same drive, if that's your goal. It's not a drive imaging tech, it's just a front end for rsync and maybe a cron front end 'cause you can schedule backups as well. It's a bit old but still...
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    A bit of shake-up at SuSE with a new CEO

    I don't dare make any predictions. Like you said, 'who knows'? It will be something I try to keep up with.
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    A bit of shake-up at SuSE with a new CEO

    This is a pretty heavily opinionated article, for what it's worth. But, it's worth checking if you're into enterprise-versions of Linux.
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    NOOB I want to run WinXP only in VIRTUALBOX

    You could start the VM automatically but you can't really shut the whole system down from a VM - that kinda defeats the point of a VM to begin with. But, shutting the host OS down isn't a difficult task. I'd suggest a mainstream distro that's easy to maintain and easy to install. A VM, such as...
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    boot failed
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    boot failed

    Did you verify the .iso's integrity? That'd be my first check.
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    Why did the hard drive sound so impressive?

    My favorite 'dad joke'... What did the boy melon say to the girl melon? We're too young, we cantaloupe.
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    Why did the hard drive sound so impressive?

    That was bad and you should feel bad... Or you should feel proud of yourself for such a groaner! Hmm... We do not have a 'dad jokes' thread.
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    Solved Parrot OS

    I suspect luckyBackup would meet your needs. Your default repos might have it. It's basically a front end for rsync. In fact, it can even spit out an rsync command that you can use in your terminal to do it manually.