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  1. Zev

    Can't activate Bluetooth

    I do not use Debian nor have I used a Debian-Based Distribution in several years now, but a reason why your bluetooth adapter is not being detected could be that Debian might not ship the appropriate firmware for your Bluetooth Adapter. Debian, by default, does not ship non-free firmware. (This...
  2. Zev

    Thank you Linux

    Welcome! I can see where you are coming from, and I do believe that the points that you are making are fairly reasonable and sensible, but unlike Windows or Mac OS, Linux Distributions are not a single, monolithic project, and there are no two distros that are exactly the same. This makes the...
  3. Zev

    Another Problem On This Site.

    I get the Cloudflare human verification prompt now and then, but it is not that frequent at least.
  4. Zev

    3D v-cache on ryzen 7000 & Linux

    My laptop uses a Zen 2 processor, so I do not really have much knowledge about the newer chips, but you might find this conversation interesting nonetheless: Reddit -- r/linux_gaming -- New AMD 3D vcache CPUs have uneven design. Was there any work in Linux schedulers for that?
  5. Zev

    Truth about Rasberry PI 4 is it's straight garbage

    Thank you for the link, Thunderpants! I will be bookmarking it for future use. ;)
  6. Zev

    Raspberry or an Intel NUC ?

    The Intel NUC would be more flexible; the chip shortage and scalpers combined have made obtaining a Raspberry Pi harder than it used to be.
  7. Zev

    A Response to DT's Recent Video

    My first foray into Linux was with Ubuntu back in the early 2000's, I remember being mesmerized with the customization options of GNOME 2, and the outlandish effects of Compiz, it was indeed the wild west in a way, developers at the time were experimenting with all sorts of crazy new ideas and...
  8. Zev

    Sharing data partition between versions

    Off the top of my head, one of the major security disadvantages of running a distribution of Linux that is no longer receiving updates is that vulnerabilities (or weakspots) in software, or the Linux system itself that may be discovered, are only really fixed (or patched up) in versions that are...
  9. Zev

    how to route the netlify app (or any other, but selectively if possible) through Tor

    I second KGIII's recommendation to use Tails, you can bring your very own secure environment anywhere you go in the form of an USB Stick.
  10. Zev

    I love watching 'stuff' happen in the terminal...

    I concur, I love to watch the terminal at work, firing up emerge is no small source of excitement. Perhaps slightly related:
  11. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    My first Gentoo install, with a hand-configured kernel, and running GNOME with extensions, Catppuccin shell and GTK-3/4 theme, using Papirus icons and Material cursors.