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    uninstall a driver

    thank you for your answer but i cant find any thing and after all my attempt i decided to buy a new battery and forget this problem but i think it still a problem of linux that have nothing to uninstall a driver
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    [Solved]How to install Kali Linux completely Using 512 MB usb

    you can find an old version of kali and bootlile it but it must be sooo old to fit 512;) find at least 4G flash or install a low-weight version of linux( believe me all of them are same with a different desktop and shape)
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    uninstall a driver

    no one? plzzzzzzz someone help me plzzzzzzz
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    Unable to install

    so choose try ubuntu without install then find an aplication named "install ubuntu" and install ubuntu from there it may works
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    Unable to install

    hi i think if you install linux you cant leave it because you love it;) for your problem you must download ubuntu from the ubuntu site if you've done it now you must bootile it "correctly" format a flash download and use yumi (it works in windows) to bootile your flash to linux then boot your...
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    uninstall a driver

    hi i have problem with my battery my battery have charged yet and always show 0% in windows i should uninstall the driver and install it again but i dont know what to do in linux i use bodhi linux if you know how to solve the battery problem or how to uninstall the battery driver please help...
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    I have no sound.

    hi thank a lot to solve my one year old problem i just run alsamixer and then i can see whaat is muted agian thanks a lot