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    New comer

    Welcome to Linux Forum
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    Checking permission of a file that is having same name as directory.

    I created a new file using touch command with title as 'Desktop' (same name as Desktop directory). I am aware that I can use -d option with ls for checking file permission for 'Desktop' directory. However, I am wondering how can I check file permissions of 'Desktop' file specifically (please...
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    File Permisions - chown

    1. I copied 'passwd' file from /etc to home directory using 'cp' command, I have noticed that the ownership (from root to user) is changed. If I want to retain same ownership, how can I do that? 2. for the 'passwd' file I have following permission in my home directory: -rw-r--r-- 1 rajat rajat...
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    command: at

    It is not working in debian as well, I even tried 'sudo apt install at'
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    File Permissions - chmod

    What is 'S' and 'l' in below file permission? (I know that similar question already asked in this thread but that 'S' is in directory flag place, however in this case it is in place of execution flag)
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    File Permissions - chmod

    I have one doubt: Lets say I have created a file with name abc.txt and it has default permission as _rwxr_xr_x. So, if I want change it in to a directory (drwxr_xr_x) using Chmod, is it possible to change the directory flag or not?
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    Introduction to Linux

    Thank you for sharing the link, that's really helpful.
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    Introduction to Linux

    I am starting my journey with Linux, do I also need knowledge of Unix as a prerequisite?