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  1. Brickwizard

    Another Problem On This Site.

    It is very unfortunate, the more popular we have become, the higher the frequency of DDOS/bot attacks we see, AT LEAST most downtime is seconds or just a few minutes, unlike a year or so when we were down not for minutes, not for hours but Days, we do not often see the Cloudflair checking...
  2. Brickwizard

    Another Problem On This Site.

    I have had it twice this evening
  3. Brickwizard

    Another Problem On This Site.

    Bob I have just run a dummy test post [now deleted] it was fine
  4. Brickwizard

    ZTE MF833U1 USB dongle, will it work on Debian 11 with the non-free firmware?

    Not familiar with this specific item, so searched for Linux drivers ZTE MF833U1 the returns don't look good, it appears to be a problem across several distributions
  5. Brickwizard

    Memory swap full

    Welcome to the forums, this is a hotly debated question, how much swap file capacity do I need, the answers ranges from none at all to 1tb So, you can have several swap partitions, on my old dell laptop with 4gb ram and LMDE5/Parrot, I do not have a swap file, and it runs just fine, my desktop...
  6. Brickwizard

    404, means website not found, if you are sure the address is correct, try clearing catch and...

    404, means website not found, if you are sure the address is correct, try clearing catch and hitting the re=submit button on your browser
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    Can I Trust This Update?

    If the update has come through your distribution update manager then Yes it's safe
  8. Brickwizard

    [SOLVED]I need a new Printer, but which way to go, your imput please

    Well I'm getting there, after 4 hrs buggering around with the printer i picked up last night, I took it back because it had a fault, no trouble swapping it, new one 15 mins and up and printing well, only thing I can't get working is the scanner but that can wait, I can finally do some printing
  9. Brickwizard

    Twisted dual boot

    ADDENDUM have you tried running photoshop through one of the Linux compatibility layers [wine, play on Linux or bottles] not all programs for Windows will work with one or other but many will.
  10. Brickwizard

    Twisted dual boot

    on a multi disc setup, installing windows to the second drive is relatively easy, you just have to make sure you select the correct drive to install to now the pitfalls your chosen target drive must not have anything on it that is important to you, as it will be completely wiped Windows doesn't...
  11. Brickwizard

    [SOLVED] Mint 21 Upgrade Error Message

    Back to the printer first you need to download and install lsb-releace [make sure you choose the right one for your distribution] then go to the Epsom support site for your country and download the driver pack for your printer INSTALL the LSB package first...
  12. Brickwizard

    Sharing data partition between versions

    What do you consider old, my laptop is 2010 vintage and runs the latest versions of Mint LMDE, and Parrot my zg5 is 2008 vintage and runs the latest 32 bit version of Peppermint My emergency spare laptop is of 2000 vintage and runs the latest 32 bit MX
  13. Brickwizard

    Newbies question to drivers

    The Brickwizards words of advice, welcome to the forums, you have started your Linux journey, do not panic. Kick off your shoes, sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy the ride.
  14. Brickwizard

    [SOLVED] Mint 21 Upgrade Error Message

    I am in the process of installing an Epsom, it is NOT straight forward, one of the dependencies is no longer available in Debian/Ubuntu repositories If you can give me the printer model, I can get back to you on my morrow morning, when I am back in the office where the worksheets are kept
  15. Brickwizard

    [SOLVED]I need a new Printer, but which way to go, your imput please

    Thanks for the input, I would love a laser printer, but for the amount I do, It would be an extravagance, In the end, I went for the Epsom as I use more 120/160/200 gms presentation paper than anything else [I make my own greeting cards] Thanks for the warning on setting it up, I have...
  16. Brickwizard

    How can I design and implement a secure wireless network?

    If you have insufficient knowledge of Linux and how Kali is constructed and have problems.. If you do have such knowledge, then you should not have need to ask. @Lord Boltar 's link is a good general insight for the novice.
  17. Brickwizard

    Sharing data partition between versions

    It's more a security thing, mint 17 reached it end of life in April 2019, so you would not have received any updates for nearly 4 years, there have been many, many updates and additional security added since then, What problems are you having with recent releases? If it's a change of the...
  18. Brickwizard

    What attributes do you need to be a commentator/helper on this site?

    Sorry not with you, If you are referring to driving/riding on the left, this was the international Norm, until Napoleon , having been beaten by the English, dictated France and its territories will drive/ride on the right to differentiate themselves , and it spread from there. The tradition...
  19. Brickwizard

    This will be a short one...I Promise

    Be afraid, be very afraid ... This is not a joke, I married a Pendle witch [borne near Sabden under Pendle Hill], when we moved to our first house, I bought her a traditional Birch broomstick, which was mounted on the wall above the fire Harth, well It's now nearly 50 years on, and after many...
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    Ah a man of good taste.