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    How Can I Install and Run Sophos on Linux

    I have it running but I couldn't tell you how I got there. I remember it being a pain to install and Sophos had convoluted instructions. I think after I installed it didn't seem to be working but after a reboot it was indeed working.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Last week, I switched to KDE DE and am loving it. Couldn't get transparent conky to stay on the desktop so I just left it out.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Jumped into Linux last year with Fedora dual boot on my 2017 MacBook Air.
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    Wish to Dual Boot Mint or Deepin with MacBook Air

    I had the exact same problem. I suspect it was either APFS or full disk encryption. I thought I had found some command line way to resize the partition but it did not work. I have multiple backups so I just decided to delete and start fresh. Deepin works great after install and I had the least...