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  1. Dart

    [SOLVED]I need a new Printer, but which way to go, your imput please

    After a few bouts with HP and others. I switched to Epson. I've had it for roughly three years now. It's a tank! I went for the MFC-L3770CDW. It AIN'T CHEEP!!! It's an all in one, print/duplex, fax, copy, scan, wired/wireless. It was around $450 when I bought it, it's up to $500 now. But...
  2. Dart

    Some ol' linux aesthetics

    Now there's a trip down memory lane! The IBM RS6000's interface was pretty close to that... Then again most, that I remember were fairly close to that.
  3. Dart

    Post a screenshot and the config of your Conky

    Not really... It wasn't until recently. I got my first Linux distro [RedHat] somewhere around 96-97. I didn't hear about conky until the mid or late 2010's. I was mostly shell scripting various things in KSH for the IBM RS6000s that we had. In CSH for the SUN boxes. That said, I didn't pay...
  4. Dart

    Does Linux play well on AMD chips

    My first computer was an 8088, my first build was a 386, being a cheapskate, I've used AMD in every one as they've been less expensive than Intel. I've not had many problems with AMD. The only 1 or 2 that did, were more then likely due to old age and/or abuse rather then any manufacturer's...
  5. Dart

    Today's article is fairly easy - show your network interface devices...

    Just some chicken scratchin': ifconfig | grep inet inet netmask inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128 scopeid 0x10<host> inet netmask broadcast inet netmask broadcast...
  6. Dart

    Major melt down meets Kernel Panic. ;)

    I do have a complete backup. Thanks to mounting different file partitions to different disks, 90+% back to normal, However... When things like this happen, I like to take the opertunity to change things up. Seriously, is there a better time? You already have to do some moderate to serious...
  7. Dart

    Major melt down meets Kernel Panic. ;)

    Late last night both my Linux desktop's died. They're both on a UPS which does have surge protection. I JUST got one going minutes ago. I'm pretty sure the OS drives on both machines are toast. I'm glad I don't throw things away as I found an old drive with an even older version of CentOS...
  8. Dart

    Birth of Basic.

    It was a tongue in cheek thing, to showoff my steller memory... Or lack there of.;)
  9. Dart

    Birth of Basic.

    Well... At least you can remember you had lunch yesterday! Sometimes I feel like Lloyd Bridges in Airplane. I could take a handkerchief and run it in one ear and out the other! :rolleyes: ... Or was that Hot Shots?!?!? Arrg.
  10. Dart

    Birth of Basic.

    @KGIII I was using Qbasic at the time. ;) I also used it to write a milling machine setup sheet for the CAD department & a few other things. It was a tab thru type thing. Job orentation, tool length offset, cutter diameters, et al. That lasted a couple of years, until they bought a proper...
  11. Dart

    Birth of Basic.

    My first BASIC program was a reminder calendar source code that I got from a magazine. When I finished it and got it going, my then 6 & 4 yearolds came running into the room. DID YA WIN, DID YA WIN??? DID YA GET TO THE END. (They were into the Sega Genesis at the time.) I turned and said...
  12. Dart

    Birth of Basic.

    I just ran across this video and thought some y'all might like it. It's the story of Dartmouth collage and their first computer. How they acquired it (they billed as furnitureo_O), used the Basic language, and wrote their own compiler so it could run on their computer. It takes place in the...
  13. Dart

    Wow, Linux gaming has really improved!

    Okay... I'm going to have to ignore this thread. :rolleyes: As I'm reading it, I'm getting the itch to start gaming again.. The last game I played was F117 Stealth fighter on a DOS box with a 17" CRT monitor that weighed more than I did! Well... it felt like it when I had to move it. Y'all...
  14. Dart

    Wow, Linux gaming has really improved!

    Microsoft was doing pretty good until... The first version of Windows was released on November 20, 1985. It was for the most part a nightmere trying to keep the ealier versions running properly. The first version that Impressed me was XP. It seems to me that's the first time they mixed in...
  15. Dart

    Wow, Linux gaming has really improved!

    Oh my... I haven't played games on a Linux box since the '90s. I do have a fairly humorous story regarding one of those days... We'd hired a new guy to help out with the daily I.T. chores. He didn't have much Linux experience, but had a pretty good attitude. Since we took care of some high...
  16. Dart

    The Vim Text Editor

    Vim Rocks! This year will by my 30th year of Vim. Do I know "everything" about it Oh [email protected]#$%^&*! NO! But, I know enough to do what I need to do. It's not the fastest executing format, but it gets the job done, and it's a whole lot easier than some of the other languages. I did find a script...
  17. Dart

    Discrete Remote Screen View

    Instead of trying to see his screen and possibly giving away your intent, you could, 1) ssh in and set the routing table to point only to the inside network. Have two routing tabes, one for schooling and one for play. A script could be written to switch them back an forth. 2) If you want to...
  18. Dart

    Where did your username come from?

    Mine's pretty simple. Not too long before I ran across this site, I acquired a '67 Dodge Dart. It's in very good shape for it's age. It'll run the 1/4 mile in the low 13's / high 12's. Nothing to write home about but definitely fun to drive. So Dart seemed logical. The more "seasoned" of...
  19. Dart

    -Linux Funny-

    I did come across a rendition of Blinkinlights back in highschool in the mid '70s. Our Computer class wasn't much more than a teletype terminal, hooked up to the local community college's main frame via the phone lines. The class got pretty popular when the students found out they could play...
  20. Dart

    What are your favorite commands for showing differences between documents?

    Cygwin is awsome! The CAD and QC groups were running out of space on the current file server. On top of that the server is over ten years old. Even worse our backup server is full and older than dirt. I found an old windows box, installed Cygwin, got it up and sharing data in day. This is...