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  1. pepdebian

    What is the difference between Appimages,Flatpacks and Snaps.

    Over at Peppermint we get this question a lot since we generally leave it up the user to decide. One way to approach this is: Things that need a platform to work: (in other words in order to use them you need to have their tools installed) snaps - you can not use them if you do not have the...
  2. pepdebian

    Specs linux distro

    As of late I have Peppermint (Devuan) installed on an old Asus Vivo book its been running well for the past few months. no issues (I must say same as well, I am biased...Peppermint dev team here) ;)
  3. pepdebian

    New Peppermint OS

    @forester - I have used / tested MIYO before. It is a nice build. The dev/s there do great work. Makes me nervous :) as we are prepping to drop PeppermintOS(Devuan-base) in the next couple of weeks. both 64 and 32... crossing our fingers for a good reception from the non systemd community
  4. pepdebian

    New Peppermint OS

    Yep it actually comes with nothing installed
  5. pepdebian

    New Peppermint OS

    @Brickwizard - That's good to know.... thanks! for the feedback! will definitely, look into it. Although I have not noticed that problem myself..... hmmmm.... I am assuming you did the Devuan testing base or was it the Debian based either way I can check it out. no worries @SlowCoder you are...
  6. pepdebian

    New Peppermint OS

    I am a bit late to the party on this... We do have a devuan base in the pipeline....... it is testing but we are looking at a full release pretty soon....You guys are welcome read about the 32 bit here: