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    A new low with people asking for my help

    Two of the most intelligent people I ever worked for one was a physicist major the other had a chemistry degree. The physicist developed software and hardware for local area networking equipment and disk controllers as well as other things. The other designed components for phone systems as...
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    xrdp using sslv2....ugh

    I had actually done that. The problem was I just used the default snake oil certificates that are generated on installation. I followed the steps from the following thread and I am now running TLS1.2 I was a bit deficient in my original...
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    xrdp using sslv2....ugh

    Update... I think I found the actual problem. I'm out of steam for tonight will walk through configuring and generating appropriate certificates. Why I didn't look at the log in the first place is dumb. My bad.. [20230201-20:10:50] [DEBUG] TLSv1.3 enabled [20230201-20:10:50] [DEBUG] TLSv1.2...
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    xrdp using sslv2....ugh

    From what I can see it appears initiating a ssh tunnel first is the best route. Turns out the registry changes I made allowing me to connect did not resolve the encryption problem. ssh adds an extra step but seems like the best method to make a secure connection. I will do a bit of playing...
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    xrdp using sslv2....ugh

    I was doing a packet capture for another purpose and noticed my rdp session was using sslv2. This was all happening behind a firewall so my moment of terror quickly passed. I poked around with my xrdp configuration and found where I could force TLS. I did that immediately and promptly broke...
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    Remote Desktop Connection from Windows XP to Ubuntu 22.04

    I would suggest trying VNC
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    Never ran into so many bugs in one day. ...

    Never ran into so many bugs in one day. ...
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    Like a crow chasing shiny objects I updated to ubuntu 22.04. In doing that I went down several...

    Like a crow chasing shiny objects I updated to ubuntu 22.04. In doing that I went down several rabbit holes. The over aggressive OOM service that was crashing things for me at random. Got that disabled. Then found I could not get jupyter labs to launch. Finally figuring out it was the way...
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    Wow, 2 gigabit network card and a switch

    I think your 700Mbs is reasonable throughput with typical network traffic. You could look run wireshark and see if there is something going on. Look for communications error, windowing issues...etc. If your system busy you could be undrunning the buffers on your network card. Not all...
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    How does one make URLs in the terminal function as links?

    well if I understand what you are saying the HTML to make all that work would not function in a terminal.
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    Tim Berners-Lee is Working to Re-Decentralize the Web

    Looks like another cloud service making promises.
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    Trying to Get Gnome Boxes to Boot Up VM

    I agree job one is the virtualization settings in bios. Use the link below skipping the windows stuff at the beginning and make sure the virtualization is enabled. You may have to find other instructions based on the bios using but the intel/amd settings are the same...
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    Text editors that run from the terminal.

    Its fairly common but some appliances running stripped down highly modified flavors of linux sometimes do not. My work history is long and I am a creature of habit. I just go to VI without thinking about it.
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    Text editors that run from the terminal.

    I most often use VI because of the environment I worked in did not allow anything but the bare minimum to be installed. It is good to become comfortable with it as it is almost always available. I do like nano. Notepadqq is also good as you can open and manipulate large files without issue.
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    Ubuntu PPTP VPN portforwarding

    One quick and dirty thing you could do is to temporarily disable your firewall and see if the problems go away. As far as reaching your server it would be helpful if you could provide a bit more about your network topology...
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    Ping timeout from windoze (11 enterprise) client

    Give your interface an address on the same subnet as the windows interface. Ping doesn't work because there is no route.
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    Selecting the right router for a cluster?

    You would need to look a backplane specs to determine if it meets your need. I would suspect you could get something like a cisco 3750 on ebay that will work for what you are doing. I'm guessing the systems NIC cards and cpu that you are using will end up being a bigger bottleneck. Without...
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    Selecting the right router for a cluster?

    I'm not sure where you are at but in in the US it is easy to find an old wireless routers. I think just about any router would work.....
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    VM NAT Private IP Address

    With the Network and mask listed you would expect to see a class C address space of - Not sure the nature of your NAT configuration but sounds like you have no return path. I say this as you see SYN going out but the rest of the handshake is missing. This tells me that...
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    Some websites not loading - Arch Linux

    I would also check to see if UFW is running on your machine. You may try to disable temporarily if enabled and see if that makes things work for you