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    Pop OS: weird booting error (desktop PC only)

    It isn't necessary to completely power down Windows. It's enough never to shutdown from it. Choose reboot instead, then turn it off when the Grub menu appears, or boot something.
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    default gpu change

    The simplest solution may be in hardware: swap the two cards installed slots.
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    refresh rate 40hz?

    man xrandr see --rate Bartman's probably right that it won't work. Some displays will support 30Hz for some modes, but I wouldn't expect it of a laptop that sports a 1600x900 native mode.
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    RHEL Based vs Debian Based - Benefits

    My highest familiarity is with dpkg/apt*, rpm/yum, rpm/dnf, rpm/urpmi & rpm/zypper, as my most used distros, in order, are openSUSE, Debian, Mageia, Fedora & a select few Debian derivatives. Zypper is the very clear winner for me, as it was obviously created by those familiar with the foibles of...