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    No sound output or microphone input, Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

    Hello, I am facing a problem with my computer. Over night I simply cannot change the volume with the shortcuts on my keyboard. So I go to the Settings menu and try to change something there, but nothing happens, in fact, it tells me that there isn't even an output nor an input device. Changing...
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    USB bootable Ubuntu

    I don't think my pc has a boot menu
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    USB bootable Ubuntu

    Hello guys, I'm trying to install Linux Ubuntu. I followed all the steps on the official website. Now I am left with a USB that has this in it: What do I do now? I have restarted the pc with the key in it but nothing happens, Windows 10 just boots up normally. Please help me.
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    Questions About Linux

    Hello, I am new to Linux. I have watched many YouTube videos about it and I am convinced that Linux could be great. I have some questions though. Once I download Linux, can I switch to Windows 10? I am planning to use Windows 10 for school and Linux for everything else. I am new to Linux but I...