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  1. TCRatius

    Bind9 listen-on IP Address

    According to the Debian wiki on bind9, https://wiki.debian.org/Bind9, and in the file stated below it refers to a listen-on address. Now, as far as I can gather from what I read is that the second part of the IP Address can be anything in the range 1-xxx. So I could put 10.0.0.xx, as that is...
  2. TCRatius

    socket and ip addresses

    Hello Rob, Wizard and the rest of the gang, You'll have to forgive me, been learning data science for the last year and what I've learnt is every fricken thing has a name and often many things have more than one name, and it annoys me, so if I don't name things correctly than try and get an...
  3. TCRatius

    How to - User privilege specification

    Hello once again, I am setting up a user for my system, added the user and then the article said to type "$ sudo visudo" and then do something. Well naturally I am skeptical to do anything in here as I do not know what ins and outs of User privileges. Does anyone have a good article for this...
  4. TCRatius

    Server Logs

    Hi Everyone, This is going to sound really strange, but I'm having trouble finding raw data and something in my brain from reading went "Server Logs" cause I image they are full of interesting things??? Anyway, I need about 5 or more variables, 1000+ observations and some sort of unique id...
  5. TCRatius

    Python Django Web app

    Hey everyone, I'm learning to make a web app with python and django so I can make a web page for my brothers new business. Found a good book that takes me through this styling it and all, however, I'm thinking of hosting it locally on a server as the clientèle will only be in 200km radius of...
  6. TCRatius

    sudo mkdir sets root permission

    Hey Everyone, I'm using the newest release of Linux Mint Cinnamon and when I mkdir from terminal for some reason the directory folder and all subs permissions are; owner and group set to root. This is a pain the arse cause I don't know how to do recursive chmod. I have a basic understanding...
  7. TCRatius

    Interview with Zorin

    Hi Everyone, Today I'd like to introduce you to the future of Linux. Comments welcome, and on that note, enjoy. :p...
  8. TCRatius

    Rasberry Pi 3

    Hi Everyone, I am using Raspbian and trying to install this program called bazel. This is the error: "Failed to write core dump. Core dumps have been disabled. The enable core dumping, try "ulimit -c unlimited" before starting java again". Unfortunately ulimit does not work on Raspberry pi...