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    iptables log and drop on INPUT policy

    Hi, I've created a custom chain LOG_DROP to log certain packets and drop them. The problem is that I can't use it on policies. Is there any way to get something which works as 'iptables -P INPUT LOG_DROP' should? I commented out allowing port 80 and 443 so I could test that accessing the...
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    Raspberry Pi, Apache - Randomly forbidden access and cannot connect via SSH

    Hi, I've been having a strange issue recently. I have Apache running on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch), and every few days, I get a 403 error on the whole website, and if I try to connect via SSH, it immediately refuses my connection. If I restart the Pi, I can access the...
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    Are these iptables rules correct?

    Hi, I want to tighten security and only allow necessary traffic. I don't have physical access to the machine at the moment, so I want to make sure that these rules are correct before I apply them. Here are the conditions: • Anyone must be able to access the website hosted by the machine which...
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    Retrieving a unique identifier for both SSH and directly-connected sessions

    Hi, I'm trying to keep a log of the IP addresses used to log into my Raspberry Pi, both with a direct connection and through SSH, which I've managed to do. However, it's possible to have multiple SSH windows open from the same IP address, and I want to be able to distinguish between the...
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    Getting IP address on logout

    Hi, I've managed to write a script which logs whether or not a connection is via SSH or direct, along with the IP address of the connecting party, but I can't get it to work the same on logout. I created a script at ~/.logout which is called via trap '$HOME/.logout' 0 in ~/.profile. The script...
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    Simple - run a script on reboot/shutdown

    Hi, I've been pulling my hair out for hours trying to get something so simple to work. Here's what I've done: 1. Created /etc/init.d/reboot-report with permissions -rwxr-xr-x #!/bin/sh start() { /var/www/html/logging/reboot-report echo "test3\n" > /var/www/html/logging/debug...
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    Background Job (&) - ignore '[1]+ Done'

    Hi, Whenever I run a background process with & at the end, when I do anything on the terminal, I get the usual '[1]+ Done' output. Is there any way to just run a command in the background and ignore/suppress this? I just want to fire and forget.