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  1. Kemoinfla

    Google change causing problem with updates

    Tried to make this bigger, but am so far not familiar with the Mint features for doing so. Says I can't load needed update due to Google changing it's HTTPS: etc, ait it's not being reflected in the repository. How do I find the entry in (and how do I find it) the repository to reflect their...
  2. Kemoinfla

    Moving Linux Mint Cinnamon to internal hard drive

    I have been experi-MINT-ing with linux to learn more about it, and to get the system (on a laptop) to the point that it has all the capabilities that I need to have for it to be my main system for everyday use. The linux environment is currently loaded on a 1-TB USB drive. I have now used the...
  3. Kemoinfla

    checkbook app

    I'm running Mint Cinnamon. I'm looking for an app to use to track and balance my checkbook. As I slowly leave Windows behind, I have most of the tools I need for this transition. There is a huge difference in naming conventions and other terminology, but I'm getting there. Also, is there a...
  4. Kemoinfla

    linux on usb disk drive

    I saw a post about how to create linux (Mint Cinnamon in my case) on a bootable USB external drive. I have a terabyte usb drive that I would like to start using as my main disk, since I have been getting occasional read errors on the old laptop's internal drive. Not wanting to invest anything...
  5. Kemoinfla

    Newbie needs install help

    Want to install Linux MINT Cinnamon on Dell Latitude D630, 64-bit, 2 GB ram, 80 GB HDD, DVD+RW DVD/CD ROM. Currently running MS-Windows 7. Would like to load fresh Linux ONLY MINT Cinnamon - no Microsoft. I also have desktop PC running Windows 10, and have downloaded Mint ISO which can be...