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  1. Sappho

    Hi, all...

    Welcome to this wonderful community, may your stay be long and joyful.
  2. Sappho

    HP Laserjet m140we Setup Problems

    I have a HP Printer and it was recognized out of the box for me! So my money is also on HP Printers.
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    Repurpose old hardware for projects (using linux) - dial up modems

    That sounds like quite the fun project, I never dared to open, let alone try to disassemble my first computer because I was afraid that I would break it or something, and I did not want to break it because it was my computer, hehe. I do not remember all of the parts of my first computer, it is...
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    [desktop PCs] Do you buy your computers in "ready to use" state or do you buy them part by part?

    I use laptops nearly exclusively because I can take them with me wherever I go, and thus I use pre-built computers.
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    Repurpose old hardware for projects (using linux) - dial up modems

    To be fair, sometimes I do feel nostalgic about Windows 95 / 98 (our family computer would run XP, but I was allowed to have the old family computer that ran Windows 95 in my room). In retrospective, I really enjoyed the UI / UX and the general feel of Windows 95 over Windows 98, my objective...
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    Repurpose old hardware for projects (using linux) - dial up modems

    As someone who used dial-up up until around the late 2000's, I can not even imagine switching back to dial-up now. I bet that you could come up with some cool phreaking projects, for personal research and educational purposes of course.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

  8. Sappho

    Today's post is about 'quitting Windows'...

    I am very happy with Linux (currently openSUSE Tumbleweed) so far, even if it took a bit of distro-hopping to test some distros that I had not used before, namely Arch Linux, and I do not plan to move back to Windows at any point in the future, even for when / if I ever get a gaming PC.
  9. Sappho

    It no longer makes sense for windows to be the default gaming OS

    It also helps that you get packages as soon as they are released, new drivers and firmware too. I feel that rolling releases in general have an advantage over LTS for gaming in that regard. Though Arch Linux giving you so much control over what goes and what does not go in your system helps too...
  10. Sappho

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Found an icon-set (Papirus) that covers my needs really well. Short of changing the wallpaper in the future, it is likely that things are final. It would be my pleasure: DeviantART - AideLank
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    Neptune Linux

    It looks like a pretty neat distro, rock-solid Debian base too, I enjoy learning about the wide variety of Linux Distributions and their different use-cases.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    I managed to nuke my installation of EndeavourOS through some careless use of terminal commands that affected all files on the entire filesystem, and I have now switched to a distribution that I consider somewhat of an old friend, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, it was my distro of choice when I took Linux...
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    Backup software

    I use Timeshift for my BTRFS root partition, grub-btrfs to make snapshots available for selection to boot into from within GRUB, and a hook for pacman (Arch Linux's package manager) that automatically creates a snapshot every time pacman is executed.
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    How can Multiple Partition on my Disk? #helpme

    As someone who only switched to Linux just a little over a month ago, I do not really agree with the notion that Linux is, per se, more problematic than Windows or Mac OS, it just works in a different way to them, and that is alright. That means that there is a learning curve involved after...
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    Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

    I do not feel that I fall into the non-hobbyist / non-power-user category, but I did definitely take the plunge to switch to Linux as a nearly-direct result of the release of Windows 11. Getting used to using the terminal was a paradigm change for me at first, I used Windows pretty much...
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    Rock Roxx

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    Microsoft Still Thinks Linux is a Cancer.

    (Disclaimer: NOT an Endorsement) I do currently own a HP Pavilion laptop and everything works perfectly in Linux, although your mileage may heavily vary. I plan to replace my laptop with a HP Dev One | Home Page laptop, once that my financial situation allows for it, ETA unknown due to many...
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    Distribution suggestion for old laptop

    Adding onto what my peer said, I can also advice checking out Lubuntu and Xubuntu, they are based on Ubuntu but they use the LXQT and XFCE desktop environments respectively, both being very light-weight, and you can per-use the vast majority of help resources for Ubuntu available on the web.
  19. Sappho

    Easiest version of Linux for seniors ?

    My opinion (not an endorsement) is that derivatives of Debian, or Ubuntu (a derivative of Debian itself), are probably the safest bet, especially if you are new to Linux. Personally, the very first Linux distribution that I have ever used was Ubuntu. Thus the two distributions that come to my...
  20. Sappho

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Greatly enjoying the combined experience of GNOME, with the the bleeding-edge of EndeavourOS. Shell and Cursor are Adwaita (default GNOME theme), Icons are Deepin 2022, Font is Cantarell Regular.