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  1. RockDoctor

    Getting a new computer and a new OS. Help?

    If your apprenticeship is going to require you to run software on your personal computer, please check to ensure the software will run under Linux. I'm not a big fan of Windows, but I'm even less of a fan of a computer that won't do what you need to do with it.
  2. RockDoctor

    The choose

    I haven't used an email client on my machines for a while, and the last one I used was ClawsMail. I have used Thunderbird (and a few others), and I do think there's less messing around with T-bird than with ClawsMail.
  3. RockDoctor

    Which linux version is best ?

    The friendliest Linux distro for a newbie is probably Linux Mint. Any distro will give you access to what's under the hood; those that require you to get your hands dirty during the installation process might be considered less newbie-friendly. The friendliest Desktop Environment is a matter of...
  4. RockDoctor

    Which Linux do you use?

    I use Fedora, Ubuntu, and Manjaro. I like to be close to the bleeding edge. Mate desktop on all three. With dev versions (Fedora, Ubuntu), come the more than occasional breakages, but I keep at least one fully working at all times.
  5. RockDoctor

    Questions on managing storage in Linux?

    Hi Michael, Never having ventured into the realm of RAID, I can't offer any suggestions there. But I do use soft-links. Basically, they're like shortcuts in Windows.
  6. RockDoctor

    Late to the Party

    I've actually been using Linux for about 16 years now, and finally came across this site. Started with Linux about 2001 - checked out a copy of the Linux Bible from the local library and installed Red Hat from the included CDs. Managed to accidentally wipe Windows more than once in those early...
  7. RockDoctor

    HDD configuration

    Well, if you actually formatted the partition, then (as root): mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt