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  1. MikeyD

    Drivers or controllers in Linux . See installed drivers. How can I do to see what are the installed

    If the output is overwhelming (which is often the case), you can send it to a file and search through the file for what you want: sudo lsusb -v > myinputs.txt
  2. MikeyD

    Deciphering the Proper LVM

    Looking at this today pretty sure I was overthinking this lol.
  3. MikeyD

    Deciphering the Proper LVM

    Hey guys, My experience with logical volume managers (lvms) is limited. I've often added drives and extended them at work using cloud VMs, but beyond that I've never had to resize, remove or really "manage" them (just delete VM when I'm done with it :P) I have a home server running CentOS 6...
  4. MikeyD

    Chown Command

    Good overview @JasKinasis . As with a lot of Linux commands, once you expand the commands their meaning is a lot more clear (and helps me at least remember what they do) chown - change owner chmod - change mode (I also think of this as modify since you are modifying permissions) chgrp -...
  5. MikeyD

    Try Arch linux?

    The Arch Wiki is awesome and really comes in handy since 90% of Linux info on the web usually relates to Fedora or Debian-based distros. Whenever I ran into Arch issues, referring to the wiki or the arch forums ( usually provided an answer.
  6. MikeyD

    Just a kid tryna learn stuff

    Welcome. I hope you keep enjoying and stick with it. Its a great time to be in tech :) It is a small but pretty tight-knit community here so feel free to join in or ask any questions you may run in to.
  7. MikeyD

    Port 389 and 636 are using old SSL I need to fix - ideas?

    I'm far from an expert on LDAP (queried them but never set one up), but maybe these links will help: Assuming you are using openLDAP: - details configuration params for openLDAP and both client/server configs. Specifically...
  8. MikeyD

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Very nice everyone! This is the desktop for my personal laptop: Bare desktop: Been working on a website so I usually have Sublime Text and a terminal window open: I like the look of Plasma desktop, but its probably the heaviest DE I've ever used. Not sure whether I'll keep it or...
  9. MikeyD

    Holy crap its back

    Thanks guys it is great to be back :) At work I've been doing tech support for a product running on Hadoop and I'm so happy to be back in the Linux world (product before this was a Windows-based IDE :P).
  10. MikeyD

    Holy crap its back

    Hey guys long time! Glad to see back up and running and a lot of the old crew still here! New site it looking good though. I will see you all on the forums ;)