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    Dual Booting

    Basically I wan to run some of the programs on a raspberry pi. Like instead of running the voice chat on the computer I am dual booting, I would like to run it on the raspberry pi. That way I can still talk on the voice chat while booting into the other OS. The issue is I want to use a headset...
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    Dual Booting

    I am setting up a new computer for games and work. I have looked into Wine/Play on Linux, and also into VMWare for games. Both of those had compatibility issues, and when I did get them working they did not run with the best quality. I do not want to spend a lot of my time on trying to get...
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    Looking For Lightweight Distro

    I am looking for a lightweight distro that I can use on a thin client right now and later replace with a raspberry pi. I need the thin client/raspberry pi to stream a video to and from a monitor attached to it and display a page with upcoming scheduled visits. I need it to be lightweight...